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Get paid to live in Brescia 🇮🇹

Italian Club of UniSA

More teaching assistantships are available for 2018 and 2019!

European Languages In-Country LANG 3036 in SP7 2017/2018

Italian Club of UniSA

Live and study in the picturesque town of Recanati in January 2018!

Scholarships available to study Italian in Cinque Terre 🇮🇹

Italian Club of UniSA

The Cinque Terre Summer School is offering full and part scholarships to Italian students!

Theme for Week of Italian Language in the World 2018 announced

Italian Club of UniSA

This year marks the 18th edition of Settimana della Lingua Italiana nel Mondo, with this year's theme being "Italian and network, networks for Italians".


Vietnamese Student Society

To immerse yourselves in the Vietnamese culture in its most authentic form, with traditional cuisines, costumes, and activities that come from all over the country.

SOMER's First Seminar

Society for Mathematical Engineering Research - SOMER

SOMER organised a seminar in Mawson Lakes campus!

Have you, or someone that you know, ever received an organ transplant?


Enactus UniSA is seeking students and staff who have been touched by organ donation...