USASA Club Award Winners

USASA Club Awards recognise and celebrate the outstanding work done by Clubs to build community, create opportunities and develop networks for students at UniSA.

Club Award Categories

Club of the Year

This award celebrates the outstanding achievement of one club throughout the last 12 months. This award acknowledges a club that has brought significant value to the UniSA community, successfully engages students with events and activities, maintains regular contact with members, and delivers on its objectives and purpose. 

This award is supported by Scooda.

2023 - DnD Club
2022 - UniSA Physiotherapy Society
2021 - UniSA Art Club
2020 - Tourism and Event Management Club
2019 - Women in STEM UniSA
2018 - University of South Australia Rainbow Club
2017 - Aviation Student Organisation

New Club of the Year

This award celebrates an outstanding club that has been established in the last 18 months. This club has exceeded all expectations in its inaugural year, surpassing membership expectations, meeting all USASA requirements, and establishing itself as a valuable contributor to the UniSA community. 

2023 - CardBoard Games Club
2022 - DnD Club
2021 - ChatBox
2020 - UniSA Human Resource Management Club
2019 - Health Management Society
2018 - UniSA Art Club
2017 - Human Movement Society

Club Executive of the Year

This award celebrates an individual club executive who has been identified by the UniSA community as an outstanding leader. This executive member has exceptional character and has demonstrated clear dedication to their club(s). 

2023 - Ace Anderson (Illustration and Animation Gradshow)
2022 - Christian Thiry (BOSS - Builders Organisation for Staff and Students)
2021 - Emily Cicconi (UniSA Human Resource Management Club
2020 -  Ally Reade (Women in STEM UniSA)
2019 - Joshua Steele (Artist Gamers Programmer United)
2019 Highly Commended - Eerin Wilson (ROUSTAH)
2018 - Natrydd Sigurthur (University of South Australia Rainbow Club)
2017 -Mathieu Bazin (IPITS) 

Club Event of the Year

This award celebrates an outstanding original club event that successfully engaged UniSA students; demonstrated creativity in marketing, promotion, and use of space; and achieved key objectives within budget.

2023 - Japanese Culture Club (Mini Japanese Culture Festival)
2022 - UniSA Occupational Therapy Student Society (2021 Occupational Therapy Ball)
2021 - Women in STEM UniSA (Networking Event)
2020 - Health Management Society (UNICONN)
2019 - Showpony (Showpony Open Mic)
2018 - Oxfam on Campus UniSA (Oxfam Meets Culture)
2017 - Bright Futures (Effective Approach to Networking Workshop)

People's Choice Club Award

This award acknowledges an outstanding USASA Club, as voted by USASA Clubs. This club is identified by its peers as being a great contributor to the UniSA community, and the USASA Club community.

2023 - UniSA Psychology Society
2022 - ChatBox
2021 - Women in STEM UniSA
2020 - Women in STEM UniSA
2019 - University of South Australia Rainbow Club
2018 - UniSA Society of Engineers

Best Collaborative Initiative

This award celebrates a collaboration between two or more USASA clubs throughout the last 12 months.
This collaboration can take place in any form, be it running an event together, collaborating on an online campaign, working together to make and sell merchandise, or other initiatives.

2023 - Not awarded
2022 - Commerce Student SocietyTourism and Event Management ClubUniSA Human Resource Management Club (2021 Buisness Ball)
2021 - Tourism and Event Management Club X UniSA Marketing Club (Welcome Back Party)

Best Student Outcome Initiative

This award will celebrate clubs that have helped students develop skills that they may not get in classes. Student outcome initiatives might include opportunities to develop hard or soft skills, creating employment or networking opportunities, or any initiative with the purpose of furthering student success. For example, running a 3D modeling class, a networking event, and providing volunteering opportunities.

2023 - Not awarded
2022 - Women in STEM (2022 Industry Night)

Best Marketing Campaign

This award acknowledges the exceptional use of creativity to develop a marketing campaign to promote the club or club event.

This award is supported by Scooda.

2023 - Women in STEM (2023 STEM Careers Expo)
2022 - Illustration and Animation Gradshow (Movie Night - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse)
2021 - Tourism and Event Management Club (Decade Rewind Quiz Night)
2020 - International Students Business Society - Vietnam Chapter (Self-Care Challenge)
2019 - Education Social Club (EDUC Pub Crawl: The Magic Booze Bus)
2018 - Illustration and Animation Grad Show (Quiz Night)

Best Club Merchandise

This award acknowledges the exceptional use of creativity to develop a product to fundraise, promote the club or to benefit members.

This award is supported by Scooda.

2023 - UniCast (UniCast Hoodies)
2022 - MED RADical Club (Crew Neck Jumpers)
2021 - UniSA Speech Pathology Society (IPA Jumper)
2020 - Artist Gamers Programmer United (Hoodie)
2019 - Student Sustainability Collective (Sustainable Notebook)
2018 - UniSA Contemporary Arts (T-shirt)


Do you know a club or a Club Executive who deserves an award for something not covered by our other award categories?
Miscellaneous Awards exist to celebrate the smaller things in life, the quirks that make each club unique, and the gaps in our other award categories. Do you know a club that works their social media harder than a Kardashian? Or a club that is most likely to give our Clubs Support Team a heart attack? Tell us about it and they might just get an award for it...


You Made a Difference (aka The G.O.A.T) - An individual who was an executive for 7 years and was a driving force behind many improvements at UniSA -  Natrydd Sigurthur (UniSA Rainbow Club)
Social Media Glow Up - A club that successfully revamped their social media presence  -  Med RADical Club 


Dux Award - A club who has shown dedication to their club through participating in a wide variety of training and education programs -  UniSA Psychology Society
Philanthropy Award - A club that gave back to the community through charitable donations and fundraising initiatives -  Med RADical Club 


Break the Internet Award - Women in STEM UniSA
Professional Headshots, Best Professional Development Initiative - UniSA Human Resource Management Club


Shaking Things Up - A person who has been a force for positive change - Tabitha Lean (Aboriginal Student Club)
Iso Breaker - A club that led by example during the COVID Pandemic and highlighted the different ways you can engage members digitally - UniSA Rainbow Club


Power of Observation Award - A club that supports student art by inspiring creativity and observing the world around them -  Photography Club
Top Fan - A person who is extremely engaged with USASA and club social media - Charli Du (Music Lovers)
Spotted on Campus Award - A club that has been noticed to have a significant presence on campus - Vietnamese Students Society


Phoenix Award - Club that rose from the ashes for a new start - UniSA Psychology Society


Unshook Award - Club who have displayed strength and composure despite a challenging political climate – University of South Australia Rainbow Club
BFF Award – Club that always extends open arms to students new to Australia, giving students an opportunity to make new friends and celebrate - Vietnamese Student Society
Buried Treasurer Award – Club that has changed treasurer more times than Australia has changed prime minister - African Society at UniSA

Janet Henrie Golden Calculator

This award celebrates a club with outstanding financial management, as determined by the USASA Finance Officer & Clubs Team.

The Janet Henrie Golden Calculator was established to honour long-time USASA Finance Officer Janet Henrie. Janet dedicated many hours to helping clubs manage their finances successfully and meticulously. While Janet has since retired, she is still a great friend to the organisation and often steps in when our current Finance Officer is away.

2023 - UniSA Psychology Society
2022 - UniSA Occupational Therapy Student Society
2021 - UniSA Art Club
2020 - Artist Gamers Programmer United
2019 - UniSA Toastmasters Club
2018 - UniSA Physiotherapy Student Society
2017 - UniSA Occupational Therapy Student Society



The University of South Australia Student Association acknowledges the Kaurna, Boandik and Barngarla First Nations People as the traditional custodians of the unceded lands now home to the University of South Australia’s campuses in Adelaide, Mount Gambier and Whyalla. We respectfully acknowledge their Ancestors and Elders, past, present and emerging. We also acknowledge the Traditional Custodians and their Ancestors of the lands and waters across Australia. It was and always will be Aboriginal land.

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