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Website Update

COVID-19 Updates

How do I run an AGM?

 Website Transition

If you have a question about the new website, and it is not answered below, please email

Does the change of website mean my QR codes won't work anymore?

The URL for clubs will change slightly because the click path on the new site is a bit different. If USASA provided your QR code, we'd be able to update the associated URL (like the signs for Clubs Fest), but if you got it online for free, you might need to generate a new one. We'll be more than happy to re-print any updated posters.

Will students accessing the site via SSO (single sign-on) be able to change their name on the website?

Yes, students registered on the site can change their first name on the site by clicking the ‘user’ button on the top right corner, and selecting ‘account’, and then entering their preferred name.

How do I edit the 'Meet Us' section?

The 'Meet Us' section will automatically display anyone who has admin access to your club page. If you'd like to update the information about you, you can click the profile icon on the top right corner of the site and select 'profile' from the dropdown menu. From there you can edit your info.

How do I access the sales history for my tickets and products?

If you’re looking to access the sales history, click on the settings cog on the top right corner of the site, and the select ‘[Club name] admin tools’ from the dropdown menu Select ‘sales reports’ from the admin tools menu. From there you can use the date range boxes to set the range you’d like to view and choose the report you’d like to view:

  • Sales Report: overall product numbers and income
  • Purchasers report: names and quantities based on product
  • Customisations: if your product has customisations i.e. sizes or dietary requirements, these will be listed here

Sales histories could not be transferred from the old site to the new site, so you will not be able to access that information here. If you need to access information from the old site, email

How do I sell a product on the new website?

Setting up a product on your club page

  1. Go to your club admin tools
  2. Click the button labelled “Products”
  3. Click “add new product”
  4. Enter the details of your product.
    • Sales limit = how many items you have available
    • Per person limit = how many items each person can buy
  5. Click save.

Adding customisations to your products e.g. sizes

  1.  In products page, find the product you would like to add customisations too and click the note pad and pen icon on the far-right side.
  2. Click “add new customisation”
  3. Enter the details of your customisation
  4. Click save
  5. Repeat for as many customisations as you would like

*please note the customisations show up during the check-out process and not on the product itself

Finessing your product and adding it to the clubs e-store.

If you would like to refine your product such as:

  • adding an image
  • adding it to the clubs e-store page
  • setting up a discount code 
  • hiding the product to the public
  • restricting who can purchase the item
  • setting up competition email

You can complete this form and USASA will apply these changes on your behalf.


How do I sell tickets on the new website?


What does COVID-19 mean for USASA Clubs?

As you are aware, UniSA is following public advice and introducing increasing measures to ensure the health and safety of our community. There are updates below regarding specific service areas for clubs.

Face-to-Face Gatherings

Based on the UniSA COVID-19 Return to Campus Roadmap, USASA would like to clarify how this will affect USASA clubs specifically as we look to increase face-to-face activity:

  • Before proceeding with any event planning, clubs must submit an online form with details of their proposal for both on and off-campus gatherings for approval. Clubs can submit gathering details here.
  • If the event proceeds without USASA approval, the event will not be considered a club activity. If applicable, the organiser will be liable for all associated costs and fines. 
  • Clubs planning gatherings will be required to continuously monitor government and USASA regulations regarding gatherings and adhere to any changes as they occur.
Density limits
  • There are currently no density limits.
COVID-Safe plans
  • COVID-Safe plans are no longer required for club events.
COVID Marshal
  • COVID Marshals are no longer required for club events.
Food and Drinks
  • There are no restrictions on what food and drinks can be served at club events.
  • If you provide food, you must complete Food Safety Training or equivalent. A free course can be found here.
  • If you have Alcohol, you will need to have a liquor license.
Contacting the Clubs Team

You can contact us at, the USASA Club Executive Facebook Group, or the Club Executive Discord. If you'd like to have a meeting, we can set this up via Zoom or another preferred platform.

How do I run an AGM?

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a meeting held every year that all club members are invited to attend. The purpose of an AGM is to give members a report on the club's activities and finances for the previous year, to allow time for members to ask questions, and to elect members of your executive committee for the coming year.

Your club's AGM should occur before the 30th of April each year.

Prior to your AGM, you must:
  • Provide a minimum of seven days' notice to all club members in writing via email or direct mail.
  • Provide a meeting agenda to all club members before the meeting. An agenda template can be found HERE.
  • Provide a minimum of five days' notice to the Clubs Support staff via email – if you would like a USASA representative present for this meeting, please state this (this might not be possible if the meeting is held off-campus or outside of business hours).
At the AGM, you must:
  • Collect an attendance list personally signed by all attendant members. This list must include each attendee's name and must be signed by the member. You can find a template HERE.
  • Take minutes from this meeting which include details of each process. You can find a template HERE.
  • Office bearers (President, Secretary, and Treasurer) present yearly reports.
  • Call nominations for executive positions according to the club's Rules of Governance.
  • Conduct voting as per the club's Rules of Governance.
After the AGM, you must:

Until the Clubs Support staff receive a copy of your AGM minutes, the previous executive will be considered the current executive. Failing to hand in AGM minutes to the Club's Support staff within ten business days of the meeting may result in the disaffiliation and deactivation of the club.


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