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Student Board Elections

Voting opens soon for the election of the 2022 USASA Board

Voting opens 9am Monday 11 October - 4pm Friday 15 October.
Check your UniSA Student email account for your link to the voting site.
View Candidates:
Here you will find all the candidate written statements and video submissions:

Election Notice:
View the Election Notice for full details about the election, including eligibility for each position and instructions on how to vote:

NUS Delegate Election:

USASA is currently affiliated with the National Union of Students. This entitles a delegation of 7 annually elected students to attend the NUS National Conference with rights to vote on content at the conference. The conference typically deals with the policy platform and strategic direction of the NUS, and elects the office bearing team and national executive for the subsequent year.

The next one will be held in December 2021 and USASA will accept nominations for these positions as part of the USASA Board election process. Please note that you must attend the conference or proxy your votes to someone else attending the conference for your delegate votes to be counted.

You do not need to run for the USASA Board to nominate as an NUS Delegate, and you do not need to run as an NUS Delegate to nominate on the USASA Board. Although you may notice some cross-over with the candidates, these are separate elections held concurrently. USASA Election Regulations and rules for campaigning will apply to the NUS Delegate Election.

For more information about the National Union of Students, please visit their website

You can also view the frequently asked questions for more information.

Key Dates:
  • Election Information Session: 6 pm Wednesday 1 September (ACST) 
  • Nominations Open: 9 am Monday 6 September - 4 pm Friday 17 September (ACST)
  • Compulsory Candidate Briefing 1: 6 pm Monday 20 September (ACST) Via Zoom
  • Compulsory Candidate Briefing 2: 6 pm Wednesday 22 September (ACST) Via Zoom
    • It is compulsory for candidates to attend one of these sessions. Candidates can apply for a reasonable alternative time slot when they submit the nomination form, which may only be approved at the discretion of the Returning Officer.
  • Voting Opens: 9 am Monday 11 October - 4 pm Friday 15 October (ACDT)
    • All students enrolled at UniSA will be sent a unique voting link to their student email account.
  • Provisional Result Announced: 5 pm Friday 15 October (ACDT)
    • The result of the election will be uploaded to the USASA website and posted on Social Media. Candidates will also receive the result directly via email.
    • This result becomes final no sooner than 5 pm Friday 22 October (ACDT) per section 12.5 of the USASA Election Regulations.

Rules relating to Elections
Election Regulations
USASA Constitution

Position Descriptions
USASA Student Representative
USASA Student President

If you need to lodge a complaint against a candidate or appeal a decision of the Returning Officer, you must use this form. Please make sure you have read the relevant sections of the Election Regulations before submitting your complaint.

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