USASA Online Student Representative

Brendan Ritter


Brendan is currently studying UO Bachelor of Data Analytics. As an online student, Brendan is keen to improve the online learning environment to have the same high quality experience as on-campus. Brendan appreciates the freedom of study the most – he has the complete power to control where and when and how he does his studies. Self-discipline is the real attitude overall – he is always on top of his coursework and study despite the freedom given in online learning environment.

What’s the best thing about your campus? 

My campus is wherever I decide to pull out my laptop and begin studying. This can be at work during lunch, in my bed on a Sunday morning, at my parents house, or simply at my desk. That's the best part about it - freedom of study.

What's your best piece of advice for your fellow students?

To all Uni students: there's no single path through your study life, and career. I've dropped out, changed courses, gone external, and then online. I've done it all, and I'm so glad I didn't stick with what was just the first thing I thought of out of High School. I'm both studying and working in my industry and I've even looked at external certifications to propel me even further into my career. For my fellow Online students: The best advice I can give is to be self-disciplined. Drop the 'I'll do it tomorrow' attitude when it comes to logging on and doing your coursework because tomorrow will arrive, and you'll say the same thing. I fell into that trap a few times and got way behind in several courses. Being disciplined enough to stay on track can be hard with a busy schedule and ultimate freedom of study, but it's easier than catching up on weeks of work.

Which UniSA events are you looking forward to attending this year?

As many as I can make it to given my schedule! I particularly want to watch some of the UniSA volleyball games.

What instantly puts you in a good mood?

Red Bull

What is your go to drink order?

Bacardi & Coke, or CC & Dry if it's on tap (trust me...)

If you could have dinner with anyone - dead or alive - who would it be and why?

This is a very hard question because there would be so many good answers. I think I would love to have dinner and a chat with Kobe Bryant. It would be so insightful to have a chat on his winning-or-nothing mentality and figure out how that could be adapted to my own profession.

What is your best personality trait?

Extroverted and empathetic

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