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Starting a Club

Have you ever wished there was a Jailbreak Society or a Book Club? Well this is your chance to start one!

Starting a USASA club is your opportunity to add to the student culture and meet new people who share even your quirkiest interests. Managing a club is a great chance to develop great skills including leadership, marketing and how to run events.

Before you start dreaming about creating a club though, be sure to check out our find a club page. The club you are looking for might already exist. 

How to Start a Club

Applying to become a USASA club is as easy as following these easy steps to register on our website.

  1. Register your details to create a new account on the USASA Website. If you are already registered, simply sign-in at the top right corner of this page
  2. Then follow this link and enter the details on the form to start your new club
  3. The Clubs Support Officer will be in contact with you regarding your request.

For USASA to endorse the club, you must then meet the following conditions within two months:

  1. The Club's aims and objectives must not conflict with those of USASA
  2. The Club does not duplicate the purpose and/or activities of an existing club
  3. The Club must start with a minimum of 10 UniSA students as members. These students must register their club membership on the USASA website.
  4. Within 2 months of acknowledgement by USASA the Club must hold an AGM where it must adopt Rules of Governance that meet USASA endorsement requirements and elect an executive committee (including a President, Treasurer and Secretary) as per the guidelines established in that Rules of Governance.  
  5. The Club must submit a copy of the Rules of Governance, a copy of the AGM minutes and contact details for all elected Executive committee members to USASA.clubs@unisa.edu.au
  6. The Club must complete the insurance form.
  7. Once these documents have been submitted and approved by USASA, the Club will be eligible to receive grants, hire equipment and space and be afforded all other privileges available to USASA clubs.

USASA Endorsement

Being a USASA endorsed club gives you access to tons of great benefits.

This includes:

  • Priority consideration for USASA Grants
  • Waiving of fees for booking university rooms, spaces and equipment
  • Create online products for sale through the USASA eStore
  • Free printing of event promotion pack
  • Free hire of USASA owned equipment
  • Discounted t-shirt printing
  • Club management advice and mentoring
  • Event management support
  • Invitations to participate in USASA coordinated events
  • Extended professional indemnity insurance
  • Provided with continuity of services including a generic email account and record management

Naming your Club

Choosing your club's name is almost as important as writing a great club description.

A great name shows the purpose of the club and can indicate to potential members if the club is active across UniSA or is campus specific.

Most clubs also include words such as ‘society’ or ‘club’ as part of their name. Here are some other club handles you might like to try: Club, Society, Group, Assembly, Crew, Squad, Team, Troop, Bunch, League, Coalition, Party, Nexus, Collective, Co-op.


USASA will not support clubs that choose to use Association in their title unless they are an Incorporated Association. This is because the use of this word “Association” implies incorporation, meaning that the club is a single legal entity registered with Consumer & Business Services (CBS) with certain rights and legal protections as well as some additional obligations. To find out more about becoming an Incorporated Association please visit the CBS website.

Full USASA requirements and benefits to incorporated clubs can be found HERE.

Changing the Name of Your Club

Name changes must be made in accordance with your Rules of Governance. No amendment to this Rules of Governance will take effect unless and until it has been approved by a resolution of USASA Clubs Support Staff.

In general terms: The Executive Committee will discuss proposed changes and amend the Rules of Governance accordingly. The Club Secretary will call an SGM or AGM to ratify this change and as a part of this meeting will supply the Rules of Governance as a document, highlighting the proposed changes a minimum of one (1) week before the SGM or AGM is due to occur. The meeting must be quorate as per your Club's Rules of Governance and a minimum 2/3 of attending members must vote in the changes for the new Rules of Governance to come into effect. You must submit the minutes from this meeting together with your amended Rules of Governance to USASA within 2 weeks of this meeting.

Using UniSA Branding

Clubs may not use the University of South Australia branding, logo or name unless approval has been granted by the University’s marketing department. This includes completing this form. For more information, please contact: ryan.bailey@unisa.edu.au

Clubs with approval to use the University of South Australia’s name or logo are required to comply with the Branding Guidelines.

Club Email Accounts

All USASA Clubs are allocated an email account by USASA.

Clubs can access their club email account through: webmail.usasa.sa.edu.au

Your club email is attached to the club profile on the USASA website and is the contact email publicly available. This email account can be set to automatically forward emails to your preferred address.

If you require your email password to be reset, please contact the USASA club support team: USASA.clubs@unisa.edu.au

You can set this email account to forward emails to your preferred email account/s.

Get Involved 

Did we mention,

Membership is Free?!?