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What does COVID-19 mean for USASA Clubs?

As you are aware, UniSA is following public advice and introducing increasing measures to ensure the health and safety of our community. There are updates below regarding specific service areas for clubs.

Face-to-Face Gatherings

Based on the UniSA COVID-19 Return to Campus Roadmap, USASA would like to clarify how this will affect USASA clubs specifically as we look to increase face-to-face activity:

  • Before proceeding with any event planning, clubs must submit an online form with details of their proposal for both on and off-campus gatherings for approval.  Clubs can submit gathering details here.
  • Submission requirements will vary based on the number of attendees, the presence of external guests and the venue, as outlined below:

Event Type



Less than 100 attendees without external guests*

  • Booking request must be submitted a minimum of 7 days in advance of the gathering
  • A COVID Safe Plan Agreement must be submitted with FM112 via the online form
  • Food and beverages may not be provided.
  • Booking request must be submitted a minimum of 28 days in advance
  • Applicant must provide a copy of the venues COVID Safe Plan OR meet with USASA staff to complete the SA Government COVID Safe Plan
  • Food may only be shared if provided by the venue

Less than 100 attendees with external guests*


Greater than 100 attendees

  • Booking request must be submitted a minimum of 28 days in advance
  • Applicant must meet with USASA staff to complete the SA Government COVID Safe Plan
  • Food and beverages may not be provided
*External guests include anyone that is NOT a current UniSA student or UniSA staff member

  • Clubs failing to meet these requirements will be subject to immediate event cancellation.
  • If event proceeds without USASA approval, the event will not be considered a club activity and the organiser will be liable for all associated costs and any fines, if applicable. Following consideration from USASA, the club may also receive a 3-month ban on organising events.
  • Pub crawls will not be considered for approval until further notice.
  • Clubs planning gatherings will be required to continuously monitor government and USASA regulations regarding gatherings and adhere to any changes as they occur.

Contacting the Clubs Team

You can contact us at USASA.Clubs@unisa.edu.au, or on the USASA Club Executive Facebook Group. If you’d like to have a meeting, we can set this up via Zoom or another preferred platform.

From 27/07/2020, the Clubs Team will be back on campus at the City West CS2-15 Office. Meetings will be via appointment only. 

Email USASA.Clubs@unisa.edu.au to arrange an appointment.

Club Banking
Banking will remain mostly the same, but as we cannot sight ID's we're not able to provide access to new executives at this time.

If you already have bank account access:
  • Email us a completed transaction form and supporting documentation
  • We will be accepting digital signatures at this time
  • Create the payment on NAB Connect
  • Our staff will approve your transaction as usual

Send us an email if you need any NAB Connect related tech support.

If you do not have access to your club bank account:
  • Email us a completed transaction form and supporting documentation
  • We will be accepting digital signatures at this time
  • We’ll set up the transactions on your behalf and send through a remit report once the transaction has been processed by our staff
Email us for a balance check at any time.

Club Treasurers and Presidents may apply for bank account access from 27/07/2020.

Club Meetings & AGMs
Club meetings may take place either digitally, or in-person when adhering to gathering guidelines.

Poster & Flyer Printing
Our poster and flyer printing service will resume from 27/07/2020.

USASA Club Grants Program
Club Grants will be available through this time as normal. Think about how you will engage members digitally in the next few months:
  • Film a workshop, lesson or rehearsal
  • Online tools to keep your club stay connected
  • Run a competition for your members
  • Subsidise merch for members
We’re excited to see what you come up with! You might also like to start thinking about your events in the latter half of the year.

Email USASA.Clubs@unisa.edu.au with any questions or to arrange a grant meeting.

How do we run an AGM?

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a meeting held once a year that all members of a club are invited to attend. The purpose of an AGM is to give members a report on the club’s activities and finances for the previous year, to allow time for members to ask questions, and to elect members of your executive committee for the coming year.

Your club’s AGM should take place before the 30th of April each year.

Prior to your AGM, you must:
  • Provide a minimum of seven days' notice to all club members in writing, either via email or direct mail.
  • Provide a meeting agenda to all club members prior to the meeting. An agenda template can be found HERE.
  • Provide a minimum of seven days' notice to the Clubs Support staff via email – if you would like a USASA representative present for this meeting, please state this (this might not be possible if the meeting is held off-campus or outside of business hours).

At the AGM you must:
  • Collect an attendance list personally signed by all attendant members. This list must include each attendee’s name and must be signed by the member. You can find a template HERE.
  • Take minutes from this meeting which include details of each process. You can find a template HERE.
  • Office bearers (President, Secretary, and Treasurer) present yearly reports.
  • Call nominations for executive positions according to the club’s constitution.
  • Conduct voting as per the club’s constitution.

After the AGM you must:
  • Send a copy of the AGM minutesAGM Attendance and an updated version of the Executive Committee Contact List to the Clubs Team.
  • If the club voted upon changes to the clubs' Rules of Governance at the AGM, an updated version of the Rules of Governance must be provided for approval.
Until the Clubs Support staff receive a copy of your AGM minutes, the previous executive will be considered the current executive. Failing to hand in AGM minutes to the Clubs Support staff within 10 business days of the meeting may result in the disaffiliation and deactivation of the club.

Couldn't find what you were looking for? Email us at USASA.Clubs@unisa.edu.au


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