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OCF - Overseas Christian Fellowship UniSA

More than just a social gathering on Friday nights, OCF (Overseas Christian Fellowship) is a Christ-centred place where people journey with one another.



More than just a social gathering on Friday nights, OCF (Overseas Christian Fellowship) is a Christ-centred place where people journey with one another. It is a ministry run by students for students.

Consisting mostly of international students, we strive to make everyone who walk through our doors feel like part of the FAMILY because we know how LONELY & DIFFICULT it gets when you are THIS FAR from home. More importantly, we do so because we want to share Jesus’s love with everyone – both Christians and non-Christians alike.

Come be part of our family.
Time: 1830 - 2130 (6.30PM - 9.30PM)
Place: UniSA City East, C3-16

Contact us at
email: unisaocf@gmail.com
instagram: unisaocf
phone: 0416916781(if you need an immediate reply)

/// ABOUT OCF ///

Established in 1959, OCF is a student-led and Christ-centred ministry with a presence in almost every university within Australia. We currently have 15 centres across Australia. Our core mission is to "REACH OUT, BUILD UP, SEND BACK":

By "REACH OUT", we mean to reach out to international students - Christians & non-Christians alike. Why the fuss with international students? Because we realise how lonely and difficult it gets when you travel THIS FAR AWAY FROM HOME to study. So here is us REACHING OUT to you and telling you that we are here for you as friends who are willing to be your temporary family, and also inviting you to be part of an eternal family.

By "BUILD UP" we mean to touch and strengthen each other's lives through the love of Jesus. To BUILD UP someone takes more than social gatherings with food and drinks. It takes time, sharing with one another our hopes and fears. It takes sharing the love of Christ.

By "SEND BACK", we mean to ensure that after our time spent being enriched in OCF, we will move on to the next phases in our lives and be a blessing to others.

If you are an international student, KNOW that you are at an important phase in your life. You need friends - you need love, so come and be part of our family.


UniSA City East Campus, Centenary Building Lecture Theatre C3-16

Welcome to Overseas Christian Fellowship! Whether you're a new or returning international student, we welcome you to join us this Friday night to have some free food, meet some new friends, and hear about what Jesus Christ has to offer us. There will be dinner provided and icebreakers to help get to know one another! Come along to find out more! WHEN? 8th March 2019 // Friday // 6.30 PM WHERE? UniSA City East campus // C3-16

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UniSA City East Campus, C3-16

Interested to find out what it means to be a disciple of Jesus or to find out more about who Jesus is and what Christianity is all about? Join us for our Bible Nights as we unpack these topics!

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