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Raising The Barre


Raising the Barre is a dance group centred around mental health. The aim of the club is to “Raise the Barre” on mental health and shine a light on what should not be shied away from.

The club’s goal is to create a safe space for individuals to share their experiences, and to provide services to participants.
Research shows that exercise is as good as anti-depressants for mild to moderate depression, and also helps with various other disorders and issues. Dance is, of course, a form of exercise, and allows for the expression of creativity, thoughts, and feelings. Through dance, people are able to share their experiences, good and bad, and communicate to others what it might be like to be in their world.

These dance pieces are created to spread awareness and shine a light on various mental health issues, and wellness. And, moreover, smash the stigma surrounding such issues, so that people are able to speak up without shame or dread.

Dancer or not, you can come and have some fun! We can help teach basic dance technique and use everyone's abilities to create awesome choreography!

For more information you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or email us at USASA-barre@usasa.unisa.edu.au