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Maria Eliza Abejo

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Get to know the club committee!

Get to know more about us through the new executive committee page!

We understand that some of our members can't meet with us in person, so to stay connected with you we've put together a 'Meet the Club Committee' page so you can get to know us better (and hear our origin stories, I guess lol). In addition to the small bios about ourselves, you'll also find our Hall of Fame (a record of past committee members) and a link to an expression of interest form for joining our committee!

As you can see in my lil' drawing below, we currently have four members in our team! It's enough to organise and manage events like the Musée Extérieur (Outdoor Museum) Tour we held recently, but if we'd like to do anything bigger that requires a lot more attention and planning, a larger team would be ideal!

We can't officially bring in new execs until the next AGM rolls around, but please consider filling out the form so we can keep you updated on volunteering opportunities for future events! It'd be like training before fully committing to an executive role AND it's an excellent thing to have written down on your resume or for the UniSA+ Award. We'll happily back you up on that for sure!

As an executive member, I can also attest to how much this role has enhanced my university experience and given me so many opportunities to meet new and interesting people! If you ask current and past execs, I'm sure they'd say something along the same lines too!

Do consider it! We'd appreciate the help!
Eliza Abejo
Club President

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