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Meet the Women in STEM Club Executives!

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Ally Reade

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Meet the Women in STEM Club Executives!

We are happy to introduce our new 'Meet the Executive Committee' page for all our members to meet us virtually and get to know us better!

We have just recently held our AGM and have many new executives who are super excited to bring their ideas to life. If you happened to miss out on this meeting but would like to be involved, you can fill out a Volunteer Expression of Interest form as we intend to host more and larger events this year and could use a larger team. By volunteering, you will be able to work closely with the current executives, get great volunteering experience for your resume and can even count the hours towards your UniSA+ Award.

Alternatively, if you have some suggestions for the Women in STEM Club you can fill out the Suggestion Box. This includes: event ideas, workshops, networking contacts or even merchandise.

Beginning as a club member of Women in STEM and now an executive, I promise this role has made my university experience so much more enjoyable. Not only have I had so many opportunities to meet new and interesting people, network with industry professionals, develop personal strengths and get to know other USASA clubs!

Warm Regards,

Ally Reade
Club President