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UniSA Hellenic Students Society

A club which celebrates Greek culture, tradition and history through the Hellenic and non-Hellenic students of UniSA.


Welcome to the UniSA Hellenic Students Society!

The UniSA Hellenic Students Society is the club for all UniSA members, both Hellenes and philhellenes. We invite all passionate students to join.

The objectives of the UniSA Hellenic Student Society include:

  1. To unite all Hellenic and non-Hellenic students across UniSA

  2. To foster and educate the Greek culture and traditions at UniSA

  3. To provide a platform for development and collaboration between
    Pan-Hellenic University clubs of Adelaide University and Flinders University

  4. To engage in Greek community events

  5. To encourage participation and networking through social events

Contact | hellenic.students@usasa.sa.edu.au