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How do manage my club's webpage?

Watch this video to get a comprehensive guide to using the USASA website to manage your club. If you're looking for a guide to do something specific, keep scrolling to check out the videos below.

How do I log in to the USASA Website?

How do I access my club page?

How do I approve membership requests?

  • Go to your club's webpage.
  • On the club's menu on the right-hand side on desktop (or sitting under the description on mobile), select the bottom option 'Administration'
  • Follow the prompts to log in and enter the administration area (if you are already logged in you will not be required to log in again).
  • Click on the ‘groups’ menu item and select ‘list’ from the dropdown.
  • Click on ‘members’ next to the ‘[current year] Membership’ line item.
  • Click on the ‘approve’ button next to any pending members.
  • Contact your new members and let them know how to get involved, they want to hear from you!

How do I manage my membership group?

How do I add events to the website?

How do I add news to the website?

How do I edit my club's page on the website?

  • Log in and go to the administration area (instructions above) 
  • Once in the admin area, go to the "Settings" tab at the bottom of the toolbar on the left.
  • Make the changes necessary in the sections available

How do I contact my members?

How do I use the forms function?

How do I add pages and use the menu function?

How do I use the eStore to sell membership fees?

How do I use the eStore to sell merchandise or pub crawl shirts?

How do I use the eStore to sell event tickets?

How do I add a campus collection location options to pub crawl shirts (or other products)?

  • When creating a product in the 'Store' section, there will be a tab across the top called 'Style Options'. Click this tab.
  • Then in the tab then click Add Style Group
  • Create a 'Style Group' Name called "Campus Collection"
  • Then under the 'Style Options', add the names of the campuses that you will allow students to collect their product from.
  • This will then appear as an option when students purchase.
  • In the 'Delivery Options' section you must select "Delivery is not required for this item" this is because USASA will not deliver your item by post- this is the only thing this section is for. 

How do I access the details of the students who have purchased my club's product?

  • The 'Store' section go in to edit the product.
  • There will be a list of tabs running across the page (e.g. Product, Image, Style)  at the end of this row of tabs you will see a blue arrow pointing to the right (e.g. >).
  • Click the blue arrow.
  • Options will dropdown. Select the 'Export' option.
  • A list of people who have purchased the product will display. Click the 'export' button to download this list.

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