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Club Website Help

How do I log in to manage my club's account?
  • Go to your club's webpage.
  • On the club's menu on the right hand side on desktop (or sitting under the description on mobile), select the bottom option 'Administration'
  • Follow the prompts to log in and enter the administration area (if you are already logged in then you will not be required to log in again). 

How do I edit my club's account (description/ photo/ club page)?
  • Log in and go to the administration area (instructions above) 
  • Once in the admin area, go to the "Settings" tab at the bottom of the tool bar on the left.
  • Make the changes necessary in the sections available

How do I add a campus collection location options to pub crawl shirts (or other products)?
  • When creating a product in the 'Store' section, there will be a tab across the top called 'Style Options'. Click this tab.
  • Then in the tab then click Add Style Group
  • Create a 'Style Group' Name called "Campus Collection"
  • Then under the 'Style Options', add the names of the campuses that you will allow students to collect their product from.
  • This will then appear as an option when students purchase.
  • In the 'Delivery Options' section you must select "Delivery is not required for this item" this is because USASA will not deliver your item by post- this is the only thing this section is for. 

How do I access the details of the students who have purchased my club's product?
  • The 'Store' section go in to edit the product.
  • There will be a list of tabs running across the page (e.g. Product, Image, Style)  at the end of this row of tabs you will see a blue arrow pointing to the right (e.g. >).
  • Click the blue arrow.
  • Options will drop down. Select the 'Export' option.
  • A list of people who have purchased the product will display. Click the 'export' button to download this list.

This training video has been created for USASA Club organisers to train for the new USASA website.

A breakdown of the sections can be viewed below. Skip to the relevant section if necessary.

0:00:00 – Introduction & Overview
  • New look for the clubs site – public view

0:08:00 - Administration

  • Log in
  • Dashboard
  • Pending Memberships

0:09:30- Membership Groups

  • Default member group
  • Setting up different groups
  • Public or private groups
  • Approving members
  • Tying a product to a membership

0:14:30- Forms & Purchase Requirements

  • Why you would use a form
  • Maximum responses
  • Ho to build a form
  • Deleting Options
  • Dependencies
  • Completion and Notification Email

0:31:00- Membership List

  • Setting up positions
  • Tags
  • Editing Memberships
  • Searching Members

0:35:00- News and Events

  • Event image
  • Compressing Image
  • Publishing/ Unpublishing events

0:40:50 - Products and Store

  • Names of products
  • Unlisted items (hidden)
  • Maximum Order quantity
  • Description and details
  • Images
  • Style options
  • Campus pick-up locations
  • Tracking stock
  • Communications with customers (email)
  • Exporting customer lists

0:55:40 – Communications & Campaign (Emailing members)

  • Writing message
  • Recipient groups
  • Preview
  • Send

0:57:40- Pages and Menus

  • Basic page settings
  • Advanced coding
  • Editing menus

1:01:45- Reports & Statistics

  • Product report
  • Membership report

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