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Promote Your Club

Your club might be UniSA’s best-kept secret, but it doesn’t have to be. Promoting your club helps it to grow, and let’s face it, designing posters and social media content is fun!

Adding an Event to the USASA Website

Add your event to the USASA calendar to promote to thousands of website visitors every month. What’s more, once your event is on the website, USASA can provide a free poster printing service.

  1. Navigate to your Club homepage, click on ‘Administration’ and then ‘Settings’ to enter the administrative dashboard.
  2. From the menu on the left-hand side click ‘Events’ and select ‘New’ from the expanded selection.
  3. Now you can enter the event details including images. Once all fields are filled-out click ‘save’.
  4. From here you must select the event type: if the event is a one-off event select ‘Fixed’, if the event reoccurs at regular intervals select ‘Recurring’.
  5. Once you are happy with all the fields, click ‘Create’ or ‘Generate’ (this will depend on whether your event is fixed or reoccurring) at the bottom of the page. This will complete the process. You can edit content at any time via the [Edit] link next to the ‘Event’ heading.

Adding a News Item to the USASA Website

Follow these easy steps to add your news item to the USASA website and let everyone know what you’ve been up to.

  1. Navigate to the Club homepage, scroll down to the ‘News’ heading and click ‘Add’.
  2. Under the ‘News’ heading fill out all relevant sections. The body field accepts Markdown.
  3. Once you are happy with all the fields, click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page. This will complete the process. You can edit content at any time via the [Manage] link next to the ‘News’ heading.

Poster and Media Design

Not everyone is a photoshop design whizz and that's ok, we're here to help!

We have a marketing team in house at USASA that can help with your design needs. You can submit a design brief online for collateral HERE, and logos HERE.

The marketing team can produce collateral within 10 business days, however, to help you design your own collateral we have a shared Canva account which you can access using the details below. Canva has a ton of easy to use templates for everything from posters to Facebook cover photos.

Login address:www.canva.com

Email Address: usasa.clubs@unisa.edu.au

Password: Clubs1234

Note: This is a shared account. Please don’t delete any other clubs work. If you have trouble logging, please contact us at USASA.Clubs@unisa.edu.au. Please do not make changes to the account settings.

Free Poster Printing

We offer free printing to USASA endorsed clubs that have their events listed on the USASA website (as explained above).

Poster packages consist of 40x A3 posters and 80x A6 flyers (single sided) and are free to clubs (one package per event). Please allow 2-3 working days if you supply the design or 10 working days if you require the poster/flyers to be designed by USASA.

All poster and flyer requests can be submitted using this form. If you're supplying your own design, it must include the USASA Clubs logo to help identify it on campus notice boards. You can download the logo pack as a .zip file here (6.5MB). A low resolution clubs logo can be found below for web use only.

Posters on Campus

Posters are a great way to promote your bake sale, pub crawl or meeting. 
However, it is important that clubs understand the rules for placing posters on campus.

How And Where to Put Up Posters

Posters on campus must be placed with respect to the infrastructure, building or space.

As a rule of thumb, if there are no other posters around, you should probably not put one up in that location. USASA Club posters are protected from removal only when placed on USASA marked boards.

Don't forget to take the posters down after your event!

  • Poster boards - push pins only
  • Walls - Blu-Tack or masking tape only (no regular sticky tape)
  • Windows - Blu-Tack only

USASA Poster Boards

Only USASA posters and USASA approved posters (including USASA clubs) are allowed on these boards, meaning you won't have to fight to find space.

In order for your poster to be recognised by security staff as an approved item, your poster must have approval email approval from our Clubs Officer (usasa.clubs@unisa.edu.au) and must have one of the following:


  • Must not contain offensive, discriminatory, racist or sexist language or imagery.
  • Should not use the University of South Australia branding, logo or name  unless you have completed the UniSA logo agreement form, submitted and received approval from the UniSA marketing department. Contact: ryan.bailey@unisa.edu.au
  • Must not detract from the University of South Australia or USASA's reputation.
  • Must have the USASA logo (6.5MB) included in the artwork or be stamped by USASA staff at any USASA counter.
  • May include text in other languages but MUST have an English translation for ALL TEXT.

Sponsor Logos

Posters cannot promote external organisations regardless of your sponsorship relationship with the organisation. You can include their logo on your posters, except when the business conflicts with the interests of the University or USASA. If you wish to use the Univeristy's logo, you must seek permission. More information about the process can be found here.

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