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UniSA Academic Policies

There are a number of University policies that affect students. USASA Advocates are experts in these policies and can provide you with assistance.

One of the most important policy documents for UniSA students is the Assessment Policies and Procedures Manual (APPM). This page explains some important sections of the APPM for students and the policies relevant to the Advocacy service. See the full list of UniSA Academic Policies and Procedures here.

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Explanations of APPM Sections


Academic Integrity (Plagiarism)


Academic Integrity and Misconduct issues relate to plagiarism, exam breaches, using the work of other people and for many other reasons. If you are experiencing an Academic Integrity or Academic Misconduct problem we strongly recommend that you contact a USASA Advocate who can help you through the whole process. For more information on the process also see Section 9 of the APPM.


Appealing a Final Grade 


If you don’t agree with a Final Grade you may be able to appeal that grade by following the procedures set out in Section 8 of the APPM or by contacting a USASA Advocate for help on the best way to appeal.


Academic Review (Preclusion)


If you have received a Notification 3 email/letter from the University that you are making unsatisfactory progress in your studies and that you are being Precluded it is very important you take action. We strongly advise you to contact a USASA Advocate for help you make decisions about what you can do. You may also want to check Section 10 of the APPM for details.
What does preclusion mean?


Deferred Assessment 


If you are unable to complete a final assessment/examination you might be eligible to apply for a deferred assessment. You will need to show that you exdperienced unexpected or exceptional circumstances  during the period of time relating to the assessment/exam. You will need supporting evidence to show what happened and its impact on you. To get assistance with this, refer to Section 7 of the APPM and contact a USASA Advocate.


Special Consideration


Special consideration is a form of secondary assessment that a student may be granted if a final piece of assessment/examination is affected by unexpected or exceptional circumstances. You will need supporting evidence to show that the circumstances happened at the time leading to the examination or deadline for assessment. To find out more about applying see Section 7 of the APPM and contact a USASA Advocate.


Extensions to Assessment Deadlines


If you are unable to meet a deadline for an assessment task you may be able to get an extension. These are based on unexpected, medical, compassionate or special grounds. See Section 7 of the APPM and contact a USASA Advocate.


Assessment Re-mark


If you don’t agree with your grade you can ask for a re-mark and get another independent person to mark your assessment. This second mark will be the final mark, so talk to a USASA Advocate first and see Section 5 of the APPM.


Assessment Re-submission


Some students who have failed an assessment may be able to re-submit that assessment after making alterations, additions or amendments. To find out if you are eligible see Section 5 of the APPM or talk to a USASA Advocate.




If you would like to make a complaint about a staff member, problem with a University process or another student there are clear guidelines about how you can do that. Contact a USASA Advocate for specific advice about your circumstances and also see the Student Complaints Resolution policy.


University Polices Relevant To Advocacy Service 


Students should refer to the policies available here: www.saibt.sa.edu.au/policies

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