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About USASA Clubs & Societies

Why should you join or start a USASA Club?

☑️ Make friends with like-minded people
☑️ Enhance campus culture
☑️ Boost your resume
☑️ Run your own events
☑️ Expand your university experience
☑️ Learn about different cultures

With over 90 diverse & exciting student clubs to join at UniSA, there's bound to be something for you! Can't find a club that interests you? Be a trail-blazer, and start a new club!

One of USASA’s key objectives is contributing to a campus culture where students have fun, make friends and take pride in their University. What better way to do this than by supporting student clubs?
USASA Clubs are the largest contributor to student events at UniSA, running up to 1000 events per year, and providing a network of students to make friends and create connections with.

USASA supports clubs in a variety of ways including resourcing and mentorship, with the aim of empowering students to engage each other, peer-to-peer.

USASA Clubs Committee

The USASA Clubs Committee is a subcommittee of the USASA Board, and is made up of USASA Clubs Support Staff, Board Members and USASA Club Executive Members.
This committee is an opportunity for attendees to raise issues and ideas with the aim of improving the service that USASA provides for its clubs.
If you are interested in being a committee member or have an idea that you would like raised with the committee, please contact us at USASA.Clubs@unisa.edu.au.

SSAF and Clubs 

USASA Clubs are established under the USASA constitution as sub-committees of the USASA board. The funds used by USASA to deliver its services, including support to and funding of clubs, is provided by the University from SSAF funds collected in any given year.
The Higher Education Legislation Amendment (Student Services and Amenities) Act states that fee revenue must not be used to support political parties, or to support the election of a person to a Commonwealth or State or Territory Parliament.

Clubs are prohibited from providing support to any political party, or campaigning for any political party or person in any election. This includes but is not limited to, communications, marketing materials, signage, social media, posters, events and activities on or off campus.
Any breaches will be treated with the utmost seriousness up to and including the removal of clubs and club persons from University campus, and the suspension or removal of a club from the USASA clubs register.

More information on the SSAF can be found here
Should you have any questions as to these requirements please contact usasa.clubs@unisa.edu.au

USASA Clubs Strategic Plan

In 2017 USASA went through the process of developing a three-year strategic plan for its ongoing support of student clubs. Throughout 2018 – 2020 USASA has set a mission:
USASA will strategically strengthen, support and celebrate student run clubs and societies, with the University of South Australia
To achieve this, we have series of objectives and strategies which form the basis of all projects and actions.

You can download the USASA Clubs Strategic Plan below:

As a UniSA Student all

USASA services are available to you.