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Response to the State Lockdown

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Response to the State Lockdown

As of 6 pm tonight, South Australia will be going into a 7-day lockdown. We want you to know that USASA is still here for you during this time.

As of midday today we have moved all our services online, and they will all be available to you. This includes our Academic Advocacy service for any support you may need regarding academic issues, and our Financial Counselling service if you are facing financial hardship or difficulty. Please note that all physical USASA locations such as our Student Spaces are closed during this period.

Please check the University FAQ and communications for any updates, and follow the advice set out by SA Health.
As with the last time we faced this, we will be continuing to work with the University to ensure that you can still access support and wellbeing services, and that any changes made to teaching and learning conditions are made in your interest.
Stay safe, look after yourselves, and do not hesitate to reach out.

Noah Beckmann
USASA President

You can contact via email here