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Humans of USASA Clubs: Gul

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Rachael Sharman

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Humans of USASA Clubs: Gul

Get to know one of over 90 USASA Club executives, Gul. Read on to find out what her role entails and how you can be apart of the unique and wonderful things the club does!

1. What club are you in?
ChatBox and I am a member of the rainbow club.

2. What are you studying? Did it influence the club you chose to join?
Yes, I am studying a Bachelor of Communications and Media. This has influenced me to be the Social Media Executive of the club

3. Why did you join this club?
It helps offshore students like us make friends and meet new people.

4. What's your role on the club executive? Explain.
I manage the social Media accounts of the club like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

5. What's the best thing about being a part of a club?
To be able to help offshore /external students to feel involved and make their Online Uni life a bit more fun.

6. How can other students get involved in your club?
They can join our discord server since it's the main platform for communication. We usually have weekly game nights on Discord. they can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

7. Have you gained new friends or made new connections through being in a club?
Yes, I met most of my friends through the club.

8. What achievement are you most proud of?
To be able to win the position of being the Social Media Executive of the club and help students like me feel a bit less isolated in these times.

9. What colour best represents your personality and why?
I am optimistic, friendly and perceptive so Orange would be the best color that represents my personality.

10. What would you like to get out of being in a club?
Connections and lifelong friendships.

11. If you could start any club what would it be?
Since I love food and exploring different cuisines, I would probably start a club that goes to different places to taste food.

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