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Humans of USASA Clubs: Jessica

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Humans of USASA Clubs: Jessica

Get to know one of over 90 USASA Club executives, Jessica. Read on to find out what Jessica's role entails and how you can be apart of the unique and wonderful things the club does!

1. What club are you in?
UniSA Ballet Club

2. What are you studying? Did it influence the club you chose to join?
I am studying Communication Design (Graphic Design). I love making art in many different forms and ballet is just another one of them.

3. Why did you join this club?
To keep up my own training, the subsidised classes are some of the cheapest in Adealide and are perfect for a student budget!

4. What's your role on the club executive? Explain.
I am the Treasurer, I make sure the tickets for each weeks classes are available amongst other things.

5. What's the best thing about being a part of a club?
I love being part of a club where I can meet people studying anything and everything and getting to know a little bit more about the world through them.

6. How can other students get involved in your club?
We run classes every Sunday during the semester for absolute beginners and more intermediate dancers. (We are currently on a break, classes return on August 1st)

7. Have you gained new friends or made new connections through being in a club?
Yes, absolutely. We have dancers from all campuses and it is great to get together under one roof and do something we love.

8. What achievement are you most proud of?
We are super proud of our beginners, many of whom have never taken a dance class before they are super dedicated and come every week, its been so amazing to see their progress!

9. What colour best represents your personality and why?
Hmm... maybe yellow, it is bright and happy and not afraid to be seen.

10. What would you like to get out of being in a club?
I would like to improve my own dancing skills and see others reach their goals too. I enjoy the opportunity for creativity outside of my course and being graded!

11. If you could start any club what would it be?
Bungee Jumping Club

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