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Humans of USASA Clubs: William Feller

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Humans of USASA Clubs: William Feller

Get to know Commerce Student Society's President, William. Read on to find out what the role entails and how you can be a part of the unique and wonderful things the club does.

1. What club are you in? Commerce Student Society

2. Are there any additional clubs that you are involved with?
There are no additional clubs that I am involved with.

3. What are you studying? Did it influence the club you joined?
Bachelor of Law (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)

4. Why did you join this club?
The reason I joined this club is to contribute back to the business school community by organising professional as well as social events.

5. What's your role on the club executive? Explain.
My role as a President of the Commerce Student Society is to maintain relationships and connect professional bodies, university lecturers, professionals to UniSA business students.

6. What's the best thing about being a part of a club?
The best thing about being part of this club is to assist students in their careers as well as building friendships along the way.

7. How can other students get involved in your club?
Students who are interested in joining the Commerce Student Society could contact us through our social media pages as well as the club email.

8. Have you gained new friends or made new connections through being in a club?
Yes, I have gained new friends, but also built on current friendships and made connections with the professional industry.

9. What achievement are you most proud of?
The achievement that I am most proud of is successfully hosting our first-panel event, by inviting guest speakers from accounting, financial planning as well as finance.

10. What colour best represents your personality and why?
The colour that best represents me is white because I am a blank page and always eager to learn.

11. What would you like to get out of being in a club?
I would like to use this opportunity to help students to start their careers as much as I possibly could.

12. If you could start any club what would it be?
It would be a FIRE club (Financial Independence Retire Early) - to help students to be more financially literate.

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