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University students oppose horror $2.8 billion in funding cuts

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University students oppose horror $2.8 billion in funding cuts

A PDF version of this media release is available here

Media Release

The Federal Government has announced that the 2017 budget will include $2.8 billion in funding cuts, a fee increase for degrees, and a HECS repayment threshold of just $42,000.

Students protested Wednesday morning at Adelaide University after Julie Bishop received an honorary doctorate just one day after the budget announcements, and again on Thursday morning at Simon Birmingham’s Office.

The USASA Board opposes cuts to university funding, and supports the national campaign for free education.

USASA President Kayla Dickeson says that the budget measures are an insult to students and yet another example of the government not taking the future of its young people seriously.

“Students are being expected to pay more for less. Universities are already reeling from the lack of funding, and these budget measures put the cost on students while mining bosses and corporations receive millions of dollars in tax breaks,” Kayla said.

“Vital student services such as counselling, disability and study support will be put at risk if these cuts go through. Increased fee hikes and the threat of having to pay back our debts earlier will only deter people from studying, which will lead to an education system for the rich.

We need to push back against this anti-student agenda and fight for free education for all.”

There will be national student protests against the budget on May 17. South Australian students will be protesting at 3PM, Parliament House.

The National Union of Students has put out a petition against the cuts, which can be signed here: https://www.megaphone.org.au/petitions/stop-the-war-on-students.