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2022 Provisional Election Results

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2022 Provisional Election Results

2022 Provisional Election Results

Congratulations to all our provisionally** elected candidates for the 2022 USASA Board and 2021 NUS Delegation!

2022 USASA Board

  • President: Isaac Solomon*
  • Postgraduate Student Rep: Sneh Laller
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Rep: Rhys Peden*
  • International Student Representative: Rohit Sahdev
  • City West Student Rep: Tanya Prashant Salvi*
  • City West Undergraduate Student Rep: Anet Varghese
  • City East Student Rep: Simratdeep Singh*
  • City East Undergraduate Student Rep: Hoang Thinh Pham*
  • Magill Student Rep: Vacant
  • Magill Undergraduate Student Rep: Trisha Banga*
  • Mawson Lakes Student Rep: Gagandeep Kaur
  • Mawson Lakes Undergraduate Student Rep: Samrat Bhattacharjee
  • Mount Gambier Student Rep: Vacant
    ⁠- UniSA Online Student Rep: Amy Djite*
  • Whyalla Student Rep: Vacant

2021 NUS Delegates:

  • Noah Beckmann
  • Trisha Banga
  • Anet Varghese
  • Rohit Sahdev
  • Gagandeep Kaur
  • Isaac Solomon
  • Sage Jupe

Full results here
* Elected Uncontested
** These results become final no sooner than 5 pm Friday 22 October.