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2019 Election results

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2019 Election results

Here are the elected representatives for the 2018 USASA Board and 2017 NUS Delegation:

President: Grace Lucy Dixon
Postgraduate Rep: Nida Baig
International Rep: Harsh Rana
City East Undergraduate Rep: Puthearothsopor Tan
City West Rep: Bridget Ada Barletta
City West Undergraduate Rep: Marie-Clare Harrald
Mawson Lakes Rep: Noah Beckmann
Mawson Lakes Undergraduate Rep: Thanusshan Packiyarajah
Magill Undergraduate Rep: Arunika Dutta

NUS Delegates: Grace Lucy Dixon, Joshua Steele, Natansh Deepak Modi, Marie-Clare Harrald, Tom Gilchrist, Thanusshan Packiyarajah, Noah Beckmann

Congratulations to all provisionally elected candidates!

Please note that the following candidates were elected uncontested to the following roles:

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Rep: Pamela Spek
City East Rep: Julie Ma
Mt Gambier: Laurena Byers
Magill Rep: Kate Riggall
Whyalla: Wenona Reddaway-Worth

Full results here