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USASA Financial Counselling

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The USASA Financial Counsellor can help you manage your money and assist in making the pieces of the puzzle fit. 
Want to manage your money better? Want some savings for a rainy day or that special treat? Having financial difficulties? A USASA Financial Counsellor is available free to all UniSA students. Make an appointment and explore your options to get in control of your money.

If you are dealing with financial stress related to issues such as debt, rent, utility costs and budgeting problems a USASA financial counsellor may be able to help you. A financial counsellor can help identify your options and give you the information you need.  

What can a USASA Financial Counsellor assist you with:
  If your issue is not listed here, a Financial Counsellor may still be able to assist.

Developing a Budget

Developing a budget is about understanding where all your money goes. This is the first step to taking control of your finances and making it work for you. Our Financial Counsellor is available to work through this process one on one and make sure you have the support you need.
Book an appointment to start developing your budget.

Bad Financial Standing

If you are in bad financial standing or heading that way we can assist with the preparation of a payment agreement. Financial counsellors can talk to your creditors on your behalf and, where possible, try to negotiate lower payment plans.
Book an appointment to discuss your financial standing.

Emergency Food Support

Have you just paid lots of bills and putting food on the table is going to be struggle? Accessing emergency food support may benefit you in more ways than one. 
Book an appointment to assist with emergency food support.

Grant Support Program 

Uni life is go go go and keeping on top of everything can be exhausting. Financial Counsellors may also be able to help in gaining access to emergency financial support. The Financial Counselling Grant Support Program is now open. To find out more about applying book an appointment below.
Book an appointment to look at your options.


Download the USASA Financial Counselling Service Charter here

Download the USASA Financial Counselling Program's Conditions of Service 2019 here

Contact a Financial Counsellor

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It is strongly advised that students requiring assistance make an appointment to see a Financial Counsellor as soon as possible.

To make an appointment, use the online form or click the button below.

The USASA Financial Counsellor is located at the City West Campus. 


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