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Excel Modelling Workshop

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Jeffrey Smart Building JS5-11

Excel Modelling Workshop

Welcome to the Business & Finance Society Workshops! A place to get some hands-on extra-curricular experience.

This is a very basic introduction, no prior experience or necessary excel skills needed. I won't reveal specific detail about what you will be doing before the workshop to simulate a real work scenario where you won't have that time to prepare!

This workshop is attempting to replicate a similar situation to one I have personally experienced whilst working at a Big 4 firm.


You are an analyst working for a consulting firm and your manager needs some numbers to go with a proposal to win some business. You can't make promises without a few calculations to back you up!

Basic Steps:
- Create a list of the assumptions you need to make
- Research and find credible sources for your assumptions
- Create a model in excel
- Use the model to provide estimations of what you hope to achieve
- Check your assumptions
Bonus step if we have time:
- Scenario analysis (stress-testing your assumptions based on different scenarios)

We will be following these basic steps. I will be encouraging a learning environment which means you can work alone, in groups, discuss ideas and methods as we go, etc.
To clarify: This is NOT a classroom, come and go as you please.

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