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VSS's English Club: WE TALK

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BH3-11 UniSA City West Campus

VSS's English Club: WE TALK

VSS’s English Club – “We Talk” is an innovative, English speaking club opened to all of you guys. VSS wants to create a friendly environment for students who are new to Adelaide or not confident with their English. Don't worry, we invite some native English Speakers to help you guys with English improvement. Moreover, we can discuss, chat or gossip about anything, any topics and make friends as well.

This is a registration form for you. Please fill out all details and became a part of We Talk !!

Time: 6:30pm-7:30pm Monday (Start from 19/3/2018)
Location: BH4-11 Barbara Hanrahan Building, City West

“Come, let us have time to talk about happy things”

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