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ROUSTAH is about sharing enthusiasm for rural and remote practice. With the purpose of getting allied health students together who are interested in rural & remote health, learning new skills & knowledge relevant to country practice & who want to develop relationships with like minded people.

ROUSTAH is one of over 28 university rural health clubs around Australia which together form the National Rural Health Student Network (NRHSN). The network is about seeking to improve the state of rural & remote health in Australia & in 2001 became a politically active body to better influence change.

ROUSTAH members study nursing, midwifery, health science, pharmacy, pharmaceutical science, podiatry, physiotherapy, laboratory medicine, medical science, medical radiation, social work, psychology nutrition, food science & occupational therapy.

To become a member please follow these 3 important steps:

  1. Register with the NRHSN using this link, and complete the details (this step ensures that you are an official ROUSTAH member and will receive information via email as well have access to the Members Only pages on our website)

  2. Create a USASA Account and join ROUSTAH as a club by following this link (This ensures that you will be covered by our insurance for any events and activities that you do attend)

  3. Join us on social media! Join our Facebook group, Like our Page. Also be sure to follow us on Instagram, and LinkedIn.