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University of South Australia Rainbow Club

A club for students and staff of diverse genders, sexes and sexualities, and our allies.


Our mission
To provide an inclusive, safe, fun, engaging campus environment, and bring representation to students of diverse sexual orientation, gender identity, and biological sex at the University of South Australia.

The University of South Australia Rainbow Club was established in 2011, and for some time served as a small social group for queer students to get together, chat, eat and play games. After a period of inactivity, the University of South Australia Rainbow Club went through a change of management, and now needs you! With a very small but dedicated committee, and some lofty goals, we’re looking to build our reputation as a club, and to engage as many students as possible to help improve queer student services and events at the University of South Australia.

What we do
Our close links with many queer-specific groups and services throughout Australia enable us to provide a variety of opportunities. We hold events such as coffee and pub crawls, competitions, bake sales, see performances, march at rallies, promote awareness days, and participate in community workshops. Our executive committee attend conferences, and regular meetings with university staff.

What do we want?
We are committed to lobbying for better queer student services at the University of South Australia. These include:
❤️ A Queer Officer on the USASA Board
💛 A safe space on-campus for queer students and staff to relax in an embracing environment
💚 Easier access to relevant community agencies, high-quality counselling, and freely-available sexual health information
💙 Inclusive university policies to protect students and staff from discrimination
💜 The establishment of an Ally Network of queer-friendly staff members who can provide support to queer-identifying students

Need help?
We are managed and promoted by queer students, so we understand the sensitive nature of the issues that you may have experienced. Some of these issues may include:
❤️ Coming out as queer-identified
💛 Finding like-minded friends
💚 Personal, moral, and religious conflict
💙 Questioning your gender identity and sexuality
💜 Relationship challenges
We can provide a connection to appropriate counselling services. If you would rather not go through the counselling process, then we are happy to answer queries and concerns via email or Facebook. We also understand that not everyone would like to be personally identified for a number of reasons; your identity will be kept a secret. A useful list of university and external services are provided in our brochure.

Want to join our club?
Membership is free and open to both UniSA and non-UniSA students. Just make a USASA account on this website, and click the blue 'Join or Renew' box near the top right corner of this page. Come along to our executive committee meetings with ideas and suggestions, or join our volunteer group though our Facebook page. We hold our Annual General Meeting in March, where we elect our executive committee for the year.

Not out?
If you’re not open about your sexuality or gender identity, but would like to be part of our online community, we have a secret Facebook group. Just message our Facebook page to join.

Our Sponsors
We are proudly supported by SAMESH and Shine SA

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unisarainbowclub/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/unisarainbowclub/
E-mail: unisarainbowclub@gmail.com

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