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Music Lovers Club

This club is for people who want to learn and perform music. We offer a friendly environment for all levels of experience in the world of music.


Our club provides an environment for students to learn, play and enjoy music. The activities held by the club have the following purposes:

  1. Provide musical instruments for members to practise and learn at rehearsal. We have guitars, a keyboard and an electric drums. Having your own instrument isn't a requirement, but highly recommended, so you can rehearse at home.

  2. As the club gains knowledge and expertise, we will start creating basic musical pieces. We will take advantage of the multicultural nature of our university to create music that is unique and meaningful.

  3. We do performances to promote the club during the year. In such events, we will provide an environment where students can feel comfortable, relaxed and free to make new friends.


Music Lovers UniSA Discord Server

Online jamming sessions through Discord.

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