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UniSA Law Students' Association


UniSA Law Students' Association is the sole representative body for law students at the University of South Australia.

We work for the benefit of the student body by providing social events and networking opportunities, careers fairs and seminars, and legal advocacy competitions to assist students’ practical experience and skill development.

Since 2008, USALSA has seen a history of students whose academic qualifications have provided them with quality professional experiences that advantage them against other law graduates across the State.

The University of South Australia was ranked number one in South Australia for undergraduate satisfaction in the Graduate Outcomes Survey 2016-18. Of the subject areas featured, Law at UniSA was one of the greatest contributors. UniSA also topped the State for employer satisfaction; almost 86 per cent of employers polled in the 2018 Employer Satisfaction Survey were satisfied overall with the UniSA graduates they had employed.

Given the number of Law students at UniSA, USALSA achieves a direct engagement with its student body to promote a stable fixture that offers diverse learning opportunities employers will look for. We are excited to coordinate new prospects for the 2020 Academic Year with our sponsors. USALSA is a student-focussed not-for-profit organisation that relies on its generous sponsorship partners.

Together with UniSA and our generous sponsors, USALSA is always excited to bring new projects and student development options to its law students and graduates.

Make sure you keep up-to-date on our website: law.usalsa.org

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