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ASO - Aviation Student Organisation

Connecting students with the aviation industry, and hosting aviation oriented social events for all students.


Through the ASO you will have the opportunity to be involved in: Industry Networking Events, Site Visits, Flying Events and other activities aimed at providing students with networks opportunities and better understanding of the aviation industry.

Our club is also very social and we often join in with many students around the campus to have BBQ Nights, Pub Crawls, Annual Ball’s and many other social events. This year we would really like to see more members whom are not necessarily Aviation Students. Anyone with an interest in Aviation is welcome to join the Club!

To officially join you need to head to our USASA page:


You can also check out our Facebook group to stay up to date with our activities and share anything aviation related:


Also our Facebook page:



Mawson Lakes Campus MC1-02

The main purpose of an Annual General Meeting (AGM) is to comply with the University requirements, such as the election of committee positions and any arising business for the Club. We would like to highly recommend first year students to also apply for board positions.

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Mawson Lakes Campus

ASO will be cooking up some delicious burgers for everyone at the Mawson Lakes Campus on Thursday the 26th of April!

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Adelaide CBD

Attention Aviators of Adelaide! This is your captain speaking. Whether you fly planes or just think that pilots are pretty cool, well get ready! We are back for another soaring night for the ASO Pub Crawl - Descending at 500 Drinks Per Minute. Everybody 'get on board,' as this event will be departing very soon.

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