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Adelaide Japanese Animation Society


Who are we?
Originally established in 1993 as the Adelaide Anime (AAA), has since grown to be the only club in South Australia, to service the local anime community.

AJAS strives to showcase the local anime community with some of the best anime to come out of Japan, in a cinema-like environment. In collaboration with local film distributors Siren & Madman, the club aims to promote awareness of Japanese Animation and other Asian pop culture to local students.

What do we do?
🔹At AJAS, people of all ages get together on a weekly basis to laugh and/or cry and watch anime.
🔹Giant Robots or Transforming Superheros, the club has it all!
🔹Each week is followed by cheap dining!
🔹Movie Nights are held every first Tuesday of each month!

🎶 Listen to our current playlist here

➡️Find out more about our club here

For more information you can follow us on Facebook, or email us at USASA-ajas@usasa.unisa.edu.au