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The University of South Australia Women in STEM club is a great network that supports women entering non-traditional fields such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This club invites all students, men, and women, who are studying, researching, and pursuing careers in STEM fields to join us.

STEM includes a range of different disciplines including, but not limited to Aviation, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, and Statistics.

The club provides excellent opportunities for members to network between themselves and establishes a network with professional women and men in the workforce. We aim to connect all women by promoting an inclusive culture through community involvement.

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Here are some of our frequently asked questions!

🔹 "What does STEM stand for?"
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

🔹 "Do I have to be studying a STEM degree to join the club?"
Not at all! You can join our club regardless of the degree you’re studying.

🔹 “Do I need to be a Woman to join the club?”
Of course not! If you support the idea of equality in STEM, you’re more than welcome to our club.

🔹 "What sort of events does your club hold?"
Diverse range of events 😊 from our Annual International Womens Day Breakfast to networking events. Also many personal and professional development workshops.

🔹 "What are the benefits of being a club member?"
Being a member means being apart of an inclusive community that allows those in the minority of STEM fields to come together. Exclusive opportunities in networking and workshops. Finding support with other students who share our unique position. The warm community you become apart of! We learn from each other so much and that truly is a source of empowerment!

🔹 “Which Campus are you located at?”
We’re based mostly at Mawson Lakes but we do host events on and have members across all the other campuses.

🔹 "How often does your club meet?"
The club executives meet once a month to plan and organize events for the club members

🔹 "Are there any fees associated with joining your club/participating in events?"
You can join our club for FREE. For events, it depends on the event you’re attending. There may or may not be a fee charged for participation.

🔹 "Do I need to be a UniSA student to join the club?"
If you are a university student (or alumni) and can provide a student ID number and have a USASA account, then you are welcome to join in!

🔹 "Can I participate in club activities without a membership?"
Yes! People are welcome to participate in an activity or join our meetings without a membership to get a feel for how we run things and what we do before officially joining!


Level 11/70 Franklin St, Adelaide SA 5000 (PwC office)

A networking cocktail night with PwC Adelaide to celebrate the end of exams - the perfect event you’ve been waiting for!

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Women in STEM held a series of networking events for our members to engage with industry professionals, recent grads and other university clubs to network!!

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In light of the recent 7NEWS story that "Three students walking through UniSA’s Mawson Lakes campus have been terrorised by a pair of bandits allegedly armed with a gun. Police say one of the men pulled out a handgun and demanded cash before fleeing empty-handed last night." Women in STEM would like to remind all of our members and fellow students the many ways you can keep safe on campus. 💙

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