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2018 Election Results

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2018 Election Results

Here are the elected representatives for the 2018 USASA Board and 2017 NUS Delegation:

President: Jordan Mumford
Postgraduate Rep: Kate Riggall
International Rep: Abid Billah
City East Rep: Natansh Modi
City East Undergraduate Rep: Hoang Thinh (Timothy) Pham
City West Rep: Qihua Zheng
City West Undergraduate Rep: Bridget Barletta
Mawson Lakes Rep: Grace Dixon
Mawson Lakes Undergraduate Rep: Sneha Manimurugan
Magill Rep: Ryan Colsey
Magill Undergraduate Rep: Surabhi Shubhraj
NUS Delegates: Tom Gilchrist, Jordan Mumford, Qihua Zheng, Natrydd Sigurthur, Kate Riggall, Bridget Barletta, Abid Hasan

Congratulations to all provisionally elected candidates.

Please note that the following candidates were elected uncontested to the following roles:

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Rep: Pamela Spek
Mt Gambier: Eerin Wilson
Whyalla: Kemal Brkic