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2018 Notice: Election

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2018 Notice: Election

The dates and times relating to the election, including, nomination periods, voting periods, and the date for the publication of provisional election results:

Nomination Period:
9am 11 September – 4pm 22 September
Voting Period:
10am 23 October – 4pm 27 October
Provisional Results:
5pm 27 October

Vacancies to be filled and the qualifications for candidature:
President (can be any student from any campus)
Postgraduate rep (must be enrolled in a Postgraduate program)
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island rep (must identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander)
International Student Rep (must be enrolled as an international student)
City East Undergraduate Rep (must be an undergraduate student enrolled at City East
City East Campus Rep (any student enrolled at City East)
City West Undergraduate Rep (must be an undergraduate student enrolled at City West)
City West Campus Rep (any student enrolled at City West)
Magill Undergraduate Rep (must be an undergraduate student enrolled at Magill)
Magill Campus Rep (any student enrolled at Magill)
Mawson Lakes Undergraduate Rep (must be an undergraduate student enrolled at Mawson Lakes)
Mawson Lakes Campus Rep (any student enrolled at Mawson Lakes)
Mount Gambier Rep (any student enrolled at Mount Gambier)
Whyalla Rep (any student enrolled at Whyalla)

NUS Delegate (any student enrolled at any campus)

Nomination Process:
- Nominations will open at 9am 11 September and will be conducted wholly online via a form on the USASA website.
- Candidates may nominate for two positions, but can only be elected to one.
- All candidates must upload a dated copy of their student ID card when submitting the form and must make a declaration that they fulfil all the requirements of the role
- Candidates have until 4pm 22 September to submit the nomination form, although they must attend an election information night on 13/9 or 20/9 in order to validate their nomination (RSVP here)

Requirements for submitting policy statements:
- At the Close of nominations the Returning Officer will cross-reference the details on your nomination with Campus Central and ensure that all candidates are eligible to run for the positions that they have nominated for.
- After your eligibility has been confirmed, you will receive a secure email link from BigPulse where you must submit a photograph, and a policy statement for each position you are contesting, before the deadline specified in the email.
- The Returning Officer will review all policy statements received to make sure that they are appropriate.
- All candidates will receive an email confirming whether they have successfully met the requirement of the election.

Voting Method:
- Voting will occur online, electronically and will be administered by BigPulse
- All students that are eligible to vote will receive an email with a unique link to the voting interface.
- Students may vote online at any time between 10am 23 October and 4pm 27 October.
- All students may vote for President, Postgraduate, International, and ATSI reps although undergraduate and campus rep positions may only be elected by students also enrolled at their home campus.
- The vote will be conducted under the optional preferential proportional representation voting system.

Please see the election regulations for more information.