Board Members Monthly Reports


President - Isaac Solomon
January 2023

Isaac Solomon – President’s Report – January Meeting 2023

Having served as President in 2022 I am now thankful to be back for my second term. The transition into 2023 has been aided by the brilliant staff we have at USASA but for many of us it’s still surreal to think that 2022 has now ended and we’re already in 2023.

With a fresh and motivated board, I feel this is the year where the rubber truly hits the road. We head into the year with a good combination of experience and new staff and board reps. Our organisation has undergone many changes in the last year with a lot of new passionate and driven people joining the team. The new additions to our staff and board compliment the existing members who have shown great leadership in welcoming the new members to our team. I would like to thank the hard work and dedication shown over previous years from those staff who went on to other opportunities last year. In particular, I would like to acknowledge the role that Bridget Laffy and Ryan Colsey played in assisting student reps during their time with USASA. 

Board Retreat Preparation

Since December last year, USASA staff have been working hard on planning our board retreat. Our Governance Co-ordinator, Cristine who is new to the role and has taken over from Bridget has done a fantastic job in following on from Bridget’s work not only planning the fantastic annual training but also improving the experience. A lot of planning has gone into the board retreat and many discussions have taken place between me, the CEO - Daniel and Governance Coordinator - Cristine.  about different components of the retreat and how the day should run.

Rep Meetings

Prior to the board retreat I undertook to meet with/speak with all of the incoming board reps. These ranged from giving tours of the USASA offices/spaces located at City West campus to discussing the work which different committees. During these talks I spoke with reps about what their goals were for the year and how they could be achieve these. While conversations about goals and committees will ultimately be finalised at the board retreat, I wanted to check and help everyone to start thinking about what they would like to achieve this year.

Planning for Committees

Planning for the role of committees has already started and I will be touching base with all of the new convenors to help them get settled into the role and start their work.

Recruitment & Staffing

We are currently interviewing candidates for a couple of staff roles within the organisation with interviews for volunteer program coordinator and events officer roles happening soon.

Symposium Planning

I have been busy assisting Cristine in deciding details for the USASA Symposium which occurs around the beginning of each year. The symposium showcases the work of many different departments known as units within the university as well as the teams within USASA. 

The Clubhouse

The N Building currently known as the West Bar is due to become the USASA Clubhouse after a rebrand later this year. The launch of this space is a project which will have big Board Rep involvement and I have been working to introduce reps to the space so that we can get our strategic planning for the space underway early this year. What form the strategic planning takes is still yet to be determined.

NUS National Conference

At the end of 2022 I attended the NUS National Conference along with Mawson Lakes Undergraduate Rep (now Mawson Lakes Rep) & NUS delegate, Sam Bhattachajee. Due to Adelaide’s not being affiliated during 2023, UniSA held the largest number of votes on conference floor of any of the SA Universities. New office-bearers were voted in which include my re-election as NUS State Branch President for SA and the election of Amanuael Mamo as the State Education Vice-President. Grace Franco from the University of Adelaide was elected as the NUS Welfare Officer and current Adelaide SRC President, Georgia Thomas was elected to the NUS National Executive (NX). 

Campus Leader Meetings

I have recently reached out to the two student Presidents at the University of Adelaide and Flinders University to catch up early this year. I aim to discuss relevant issues which affect students from all three institutions with them and hopeful that strong relationships can be formed between the three campuses to tackle major issues over the coming 12 months. 

Meetings & Commitments

December 2022

8 Dec - Volunteer Coordinator Interviews

12 Dec – NUS National Conference

13 Dec – UniSA Council Meeting

14 Dec – NUS National Conference

15 Dec – NUS National Conference

19 Dec – Meeting with the CEO

19 Dec – USASA Board Retreat Planning

20 Dec – Meeting with Student Ombud

20 Dec – Governance Committee Meeting

20 Dec – Final 2022 USASA Board Meeting

20 Dec – USASA Board Dinner

4 Jan – Meeting with Mawson Lakes Rep & Tour (In-Person)

5 Jan – Meeting with City West UG Rep & Tour (In-Person)

5 Jan – Meeting with City West Rep & Tour (In-Person)

6 Jan – Meeting with Magill Rep & Tour (In-Person)

11 Jan – Meeting with Magill UG Rep & Tour (In-Person)

12 Jan – Meeting with MLK UG Rep (Online)

12 Jan – Meeting with International Student Rep (Online)

12 Jan – Meeting with Online Rep (Online)

13 Jan – Meeting with Postgrad Rep & Tour (In-Person)

14 Jan – Meeting with City East Rep (Online)

14 Jan – Phone Call with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Rep

17 Jan – Events Officer Interviews

17 Jan – Meeting with Whyalla Rep (Online)


City West Representative - Hayate Yamada
January 2023

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is ready to accomplish all their goals and make 2023 a great year. I am honoured to have the opportunity to be the City West Representative. I am excited to meet all the student representatives at the Board Retreat on January 18th and 19th.

I look forward to working with my fellow campus representative, Jayce Dimitriadis, this year to create solutions to students’ issues and an inclusive environment. I am interested in listening to problems and opportunities from all students. Please get in touch with me for any matter.

Thank you

Hayate Yamada


Mawson Lakes Representative - Hayate Yamada
January 2023

Hi all,

I’d like to start by saying that 2022 was a wonderful year, I was so please to meet so many of you and am excited to do the same in 2023!

Before I pass the baton onto the next undergraduate representative I will give one last update!

December was A pretty big month for me even without classes going on, I chaired the last finance committee for the year, attended the last Board meeting for the year and attended the National Union of Students national conference.

The last two board related meetings went as expected, mainly signing off for the year and saying goodbye to my fellow board members who were not going to continue into the new year.

The NUS National Conference was a week long conference where I attended with USASA president Isaac Solomon on behalf of USASA. This conference was quite informative, I was able to meet with like minded student leaders from across the country where important issues facing students where discussed. This conference is done annually to show what direction the NUS will take for the following year. Elections for office bearing positions within the NUS are also held at this conference. It was a good opportunity to speak to student leaders from other states who’s students face similar and different issues to our own and workshop ideas around ways to support students. overall it was an interesting week, and I hope to be able to implement some of the ideas I gained in my new role in 2023!

Sam Bhattacharjee signing off as Undergraduate Representative, I will see 2023 students again as Sam Bhattacharjee – Mawson Lakes Student Representative.


The University of South Australia Student Association acknowledges the Kaurna, Boandik and Barngarla First Nations People as the traditional custodians of the unceded lands now home to the University of South Australia’s campuses in Adelaide, Mount Gambier and Whyalla. We respectfully acknowledge their Ancestors and Elders, past, present and emerging. We also acknowledge the Traditional Custodians and their Ancestors of the lands and waters across Australia. It was and always will be Aboriginal land.

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