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Past Events

USASA have been running events since before selfies were a thing. Check out our past event galleries below – maybe you’ll spot you and your friends!

We’re always planning our next move on campus, so if you’d like to be involved or offer any feedback, please get in touch. If you’d like to run your own event, head over to the USASA clubs page to find out how to start a club, and how to go about running a club event.

Pac Crawl Pub Crawl 2018

Here's just a few snaps of our beautiful Adelaide Pac-Crawlers. Over 600 students packed into venues all over town, making friends, enjoying food, and of course having a drink or two. 

Campus Fair 2018

Campus Fair cam to all metro campuses, offering studentws a chance to meet and join USASA & UniSA sport clubs, enjoy live entertainment, portraits, a petting zoo + much more. 

Halloween Party: Trick or Treat

What do zombie cheerleaders, Peter Pans, bogans and vampires have in common? They were all at the USASA Halloween Party! Almost 500 students packed Fat Controller for an amazing night of creepiness, amazing costumes and a few bevvies with mates!

Clubs Awards Night 2017

UniSA students certainly know how to dress to impress! Thanks to everyone who came along to celebrate the achievements of our 95 student-run clubs in 2017! The big winners on the night were Aviation Student Organisation (Club of the Year), Human Movement Society (New Club of the Year), Bright Futures Society (Event of the Year) & Matthieu Bazin (Executive Member of the Year). UniSA Occupational Therapy, Vietnamese Student Society, African Society & Rainbow Club also won awards on the night!

UniTopia Spring 2017

The weather was hot, the dogs were adorable, and the food was delicious, but what else would we expect from UniTopia? Thanks to everyone who came along and had a much needed break from studies for exams! 

Your Art on Campus Exhibition 2017

If our Art Comp has shown us anything, it's that UniSA is full of talented artists. The top four pieces become giant wall stickers on  all campuses. Thanks to everyone who came along to our campus exhibition on August 3. The prints on display are students’ response to the brief  “Your Window.” Make sure you check their work in the event gallery and tag yourself! 

UniTopia Autumn 2017

Students relaxed to the max at UniTopia Autumn 2017! Talented artists emerged at painting pictionary, green thumbs appeared at adopt a plant, life-long bonds were made with the cutest puppies and records were smashed with UniSA sport. Thanks to everyone who joined in on the oodles of activities! 

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