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2018 Mt Gambier By-Election

Here are your 2018 Mt Gambier by-election candidates:

Georgina Gogel

Hi, I'm Georgina Gogel and I hope to be able to represent you, the students of the University of South Australia Mount Gambier campus, as our USASA Student Representative. I have just begun my second year as an internal student at the Mount Gambier campus, and am studying in the Bachelor of Primary Education course. Since moving to Mount Gambier from Keith, South Australia I have only become friends with people in my own course, as well as a few friendly others. I am actively involved in basketball and netball, and in my free time enjoy a good movie or a stroll around the Blue Lake. As a self-supporting student, I also understand the many difficulties of the financial burdens we all experience and through this understand the stress of working a part time job.
My goal is to make sure that all students, whether internal or external, become a part of the social inclusion that I wish to integrate into our university here in Mount Gambier. If successful, I hope to provide my fellow students with a range of unique and diverse events and activities; whilst encouraging participation in a safe and supportive environment where every voice is heard.

Lauren Baum

As the USASA representative for Mt. Gambier, I will uphold the values of the University, as well as endeavouring to provide support for all students both on and off campus in (and around) Mt. Gambier. I will also endeavour to reach out into the community, and speak with local members to provide more events and activities that the students (and the community) can participate in both on and off the University campus.
Although I don’t have much life experience behind me, I am an enthusiastic learner, who has the ability to prioritise tasks and is not afraid to stand up and speak up for other people. I have undertaken training in safety management systems, youth leadership training and a work preparation course. These training sessions have helped me to grow personally and professionally, in my maturity and in the manner in which I present myself.
I believe that I would be a suitable candidate for this position as I am an enthusiastic learner, who works well in a team and group environment, as well as being able to listen to the opinions of others around me and speak up for those who wish to be heard.

James Freemantle

Hello, my name is James Freemantle. I am one of the candidates for the USASA student representative position here on campus. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Social Work since 2015. Outside of uni, I have 12½ years’ experience in event management and being a voice for young people as part of the council’s Youth Advisory Group. In the three years I have been a part of the campus, I have met a wide variety of different people and participated in a wide variety of different events on- and off-campus, where I’ve met students from both the Mt Gambier Campus and the James Morrison Academy. I chose to nominate for the role because I would very much like to be an effective conduit for my fellow students to voice their concerns and to support them in whatever way I can. I will strive to be a voice for student opinions if they don’t know where to go, provide advice for students if they are facing any sort of academic issues; and to be able to run events for students for social and academic reasons. If successful, I will do my best to follow-through on what I have stated above.

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