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2019 Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Student Representative By-Election Nomination Form

Nominations are open from 9am Monday 4th March - 4pm Friday 8th March 2019.

Please note that for some students your home campus might not be the campus where you have most of your classes. If you are unsure, please contact Campus Central on 1300 301 703.

This election is only open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students of UniSA who meet the additional eligibility requirements common to all Board Members.

In order to nominate and hold office, a Board member must be an Ordinary Member of USASA, an onshore UniSA student (not an exchange student), must be eligible to hold a liquor license in SA, must have never been previously removed from or involuntarily vacated from a position on the USASA Board, and must have never been convicted of any indictable offence or any offence involving fraud, theft, or dishonesty. Permanent and fixed-term contract employees of USASA or UniSA are not eligible to nominate for any USASA Board position.

If you do not have a phone meeting with the Returning Officer, your nomination will be taken to have been withdrawn and you will no longer be a candidate in this election.

By submitting this form:

  • I declare I am an enrolled student of the University of South Australia;
  • I declare I am eligible to take part in the election for the position(s) I have nominated;
  • I declare that when a statement is submitted my statement is truthful, understanding that any false, misleading, deceptive, offensive, discriminatory or defamatory information may invalidate my nomination;
  • I declare I will abide by the USASA Constitution and the USASA Election Regulations and all policies or codes of conduct approved by the Board or Council of the University;
  • I declare that I will abide by the goals of USASA as determined by the Board and agree that these goals are achieved by representatives and staff working together under USASA standards;
  • I declare that I have not been convicted of any indictable offence or any offence involving fraud, theft, or dishonesty;
  • I agree to provide on request within four weeks, or a longer period as may be determined by the USASA Board, a current police check/report;
  • I declare I have not previously vacated an office of the USASA Board or been removed as an officer of the USASA Board; and
  • I declare that I give the General Manager of USASA an unfettered right during the nomination period and during the time I hold any of the above positions, to establish from UniSA my eligibility to hold, nominate for or be an officer of USASA