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UniSA Art Club


Do you love the visual arts?

If so, then welcome to the UniSA Art Club! We're a community of students studying a range of different degrees who share an interest in the visual arts. Our club has members of all skill levels, and we aim to provide a space for students to hang out, share ideas and teach one another!

We encourage students who wish to pursue visual arts as a hobby and support students who intend to pursue a visual arts career by providing opportunities to exhibit artwork, exchange feedback and also to lead or participate in workshops!

Not sure about joining yet?

Here are some of our frequently asked questions (FAQs)!

  • "Do I have to be an art student/need an art major to join the club?"
    Not at all! Our club prides itself on providing opportunities and spaces for all students to share our common interests in the visual arts.
  • "Do I need to be a UniSA student to join the club?"
    Not necessarily! As long as you are a university student (or alumni) and can provide a student ID number, you are welcome to join in!
  • "What sort of events does your club hold?"
    Although we don't have a club room, our club tends to hold monthly workshops focused on different art practices (often assisted by the UniSA art faculty). This can range from playing around with obscure materials and going sketching trips around Adelaide to making ceramic pots and printing designs onto t-shirts! We also run online art competitions and club meetings from time to time. Just follow our Facebook page to stay updated!
  • "How often does your club meet?"
    Read above!
  • "Are there any fees associated with joining your club/participating in events?"
    Our committee aims to make the visual arts as accessible as possible, but to cover material costs for some workshops (e.g. buy clay for ceramic pot-making) we may ask for a small entry fee to participate! You are not obligated to attend every single event.
  • "What are the benefits of being a club member?"
    Being a member means you will be the first to hear of our events, have exclusive access to our Facebook group (where you can connect with other members) and use our club's shared materials/tools for free!
  • "Can I participate in club activities without a membership?"
    Yes! People are welcome to participate in an activity or join our meetings without a membership to get a feel for how we run things and what we do before officially joining!
  • "Can I become a part of the club committee?"
    Absolutely! Our committee could always use some extra help! If you are interested in a committee position, please fill out the form here.

For more information you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or email us at USASA-art.club@usasa.unisa.edu.au


We've made an executive committee page! Check it out if you'd like to learn more about us, see our "hall of fame", or join the committee yourself! There are so many benefits to doing so!

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