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UniTopia Online

Check-in on your health & wellbeing from anywhere this October.

Want to get some self-care tips from your fellow peers? Or hear from UniSA services that can help you improve your health?

There's a bunch of ways to get involved in UniTopia Online:
  • Improve your financial health with a 'Budgeting 101' Workshop
  • Indulge in some DIY self-care
  • Massage your mind with slime
  • Get advice on how to be a more Healthy U 
  • Discover feel-good spaces on your campus
Join UniTopia. Anywhere. Anytime. For free, health & wellbeing support.

Not on Facebook? Didn't catch it on USASA Social Media?

No worries - catch up on all things UniTopia Online across the week of the 10th - 17th October below. 



Find out more about UniTopia Activities:


Check out these healthy, quick & cheap recipes!

Entrant 1:  @vick.daube 

Entrant 2:  @chloe_ex_wong

Entrant 3:  @jjjaclynnnn

Entrant 4:  @annabergss

Entrant 5:  @Juliema24

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Improve your financial health with a free, online 'Budgeting 101' Workshop!

Fun, free and Informative! Join the USASA Financial Counselling Team for a lesson in Budgeting 101.

Learn More:  
Are you tired of winging it? Don’t know where all your money goes? Sounds like you need a budget!

Join us for a quick interactive lesson in Budgeting 101 - learn the basic steps to budgeting for a day, week, month or year. 

Event Details: 

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Engage with the buttons below for an interactive photo series to take you on a journey with UniSA Counselling.

Counsellors assist students with a wide range of issues including:

  • assisting with personal issues affecting your studies
  • adjusting to change (new culture, university, city, academic expectations)
  • managing stress, anxiety and depression
  • learning about motivation, time management and exam stress
  • offering support following a crisis or trauma
  • dealing with sexual harassment or assault
  • managing a personal or family crisis

UniSA Counselling Service is available.

Free and confidential service.

Contact us to book an appointment or find out more...

...and run mindfulness workshops.

You can contact us at any time.

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Massaging your Mind with Slime with Student leadership & Award Programs

Join Rosslyn and Charlotte as they teach you how to make & massage your mind with slime as a part of UniTopia Online! 

Did you know, there are five levels of emotional intelligence?
1- Self-awareness
2- Self-regulation
3- Empathy
4- Motivation
5- Social Skills

"People with high levels of emotional intelligence are far more likely to experience higher levels of wellbeing and happiness." And you can grow your Emotional intelligence through mindfulness. 

Watch the video and get making slime at home!

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It's been a wild and turbulent year - feeling a little stressed, worried or uneasy? 

As a part of UniTopia Online, UniSA Allied Health & Performance Research PhD candidate, Jacinta is here to walk you through how you can reduce symptoms of mental illness including anxiety & depression through mindful movements such as yoga and exercise.

View the video: here or watch below

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There are many ways you can get moving with UniSA Sport through their facilities, clubs and events. Check out their website to find out how you can get involved!

View the video: here or watch below

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Has it been a while since you took a break? Not making any progress with that assignment?

batyr were wondering, have you tried going outside? batyr are a not for profit group having positive conversations around mental health & smashing the stigma. Watch their super professional (Lame) Infomercial including some helpful, easy and informative self-care activities to get you refreshed and ready to have a second go at finishing that project!
View the video: here or watch below

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Be a Healthier U with UniSA Health Medical Clinics!

Watch this informative mash-up to learn about a range of topics such as;

  • Finding UniSA Health Medical Clinics on campus
  • Living Well - Sexual Health Talks
  • Mental Health
  • Exercise & Diet
  • Preventative Screenings Find out more about UniSA Health Medical Clinics and take the Re-Start Well questionnaire.

View the video: here or watch below

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Looking for the perfect place to chill-out on campus?

The UniSA TEM club has teamed up and mapped out all the best spots on UniSA metro campuses to hang out, relax & take that much-needed break.
View the video: here or watch below

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DIY Self-Care with Student Sustainability Collective - Want to start being more sustainable in your everyday life?

Join the UniSA Student Sustainability, a group of like-minded students interested in learning about how to be more sustainable, to learn how you can make your very own shampoo, conditioner, body scrub + more handy DIY Self-Care tips!

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