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The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) is a fee charged to university students for non-academic services and amenities. This includes employment and career services, student clubs, sport and recreational activities, counselling and subsidised food services.

The SSAF is paid by all students at UniSA, please go to the SSAF page on the UniSA website for further details. This includes international students who contribute to SSAF as a component of their tuition fees. Much of USASA's income comes from our slice of the SSAF pie, which we use to create a culture of support, advice and fun both on and off-campus.

What does the University spend the SSAF money on?

The University expects to collect $5.8 million in SSAF fees in 2022. To find out how the university is spending this money, click here.

Of the total SSAF collected by the University, USASA was awarded a grant of $1.9 million for 2022 to provide additional activities and services. 

How will USASA be spending the 2022 SSAF grant money?

USASA is committed to spending every dollar received from the SSAF Grant on services and activities that enhance the student experience. As we are run independently to the university, we maintain permanent and casual staff (including current students) and our own elected student board – Your elected Student Representatives decide where to spend your money.

This money is used for:
  • Advocacy & Financial Counselling (student support) –
    Our Advocacy service supports students, free of charge, through a range of academic issues. Our Advocates are experts in University policy and are trained to help you exercise your rights.
  • Student Spaces
    USASA run student-staffed counters on every metro campus and corresponding resources at regional campuses. These campus hubs provide students with a place to connect and gain important information about USASA services.
  • Events –
    Social life is an important part of the university experience. We work with students across the year to deliver major events, often entirely free of charge to students.
  • Student Representation 
    Ensuring the interests of UniSA students are represented at the highest level of University planning and decision making.
  • Club Support & Grants –
    Clubs and societies are the heart of University life. We support academic, cultural and social clubs with a variety of essential resources to help them to thrive at UniSA.
  • Free Stuff –
    The best things in life are free. We provide a range of free items and accessories to support students with the day to day task of study, such as the much sought after yearly USASA Student Diary, pens and wall planners.
  • Student Magazine – 
    Verse Magazine is entirely student-created and run. Verse is an exciting platform and learning ground for aspiring writers, editors and designers. USASA funds the creation and printing Verse Magazine- enabling six editions of the magazine to be printed throughout the year and distributed on campus and online.

In addition to our SSAF funding, we also generate income from areas including advertising, ticketed activities, sponsorship and interest on investments.



2022 Allocation

USASA  Events


Student Support (Advocacy & Financial Counselling)


USASA Student Spaces & Retail


USASA  Clubs & Societies


USASA Student Representation


USASA Diaries, Wall planners, & other giveaways


USASA Verse Magazine


USASA Club Grants


Student Emergency Financial Support




What can’t the SSAF money be spent on?

While the USASA board is an elected representative group, by law SSAF revenue cannot be used to support political parties, or to support the election of a person to a Commonwealth, State or Territory Parliament or local Government body. We are happy to support activism and political based clubs at the University, but cannot and will not make payments from the SSAF to political parties.

How can I have my say on how the revenue is spent?

One of the best ways to share your thoughts is to contact your campus representative and/or Student President here. The University and USASA discuss SSAF spending yearly, with student feedback and opinions used to formulate recommendations. We also encourage you to contact the University directly to provide your feedback.

USASA SSAF Memorandum

Each year USASA provides formal recommendations to the University to be considered for the future use of SSAF. Previous years recommendations are accessible below.

2014 (PDF Download 327KB)

2015 (PDF Download 296KB)

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