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2019 Board By-Election Notice

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2019 Board By-Election Notice

The dates and times relating to the election:
Nomination Period:
Opens: 9am Monday March 4
Closes: 4pm Friday March 8
Voting Period:
Opens: 9am Tuesday March 26
Closes: 4pm Tuesday April 2
Provisional Results:
5pm Tuesday April 2

Vacancies to be filled and the qualifications for candidature:
Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Student Representative

• The student identifies as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
• At the time of nomination and for the duration of their terms, all USASA Board Representatives must be onshore students, must be eligible to hold a liquor license in SA, must never have previously been removed from or vacated office of the USASA Board, must never have been convicted of any indictable office or any offence involving fraud, theft, or dishonesty, and must sign a written declaration confirming their eligibility
• The successful candidate will be required to submit a National Police Clearance to USASA within 4 weeks of being elected to the role

Nomination Process:
• Nominations will open at 9am on Monday March 4 and will be submitted via an online form on the USASA Website
• All candidates must upload a dated copy of their Student ID card when submitting the form and must sign a declaration stating that they fulfil all requirements of the role

Requirements for submitting Policy Statements
• At the close of nominations, the Returning Officer will check the details on your nomination form against the University database to ensure that all nominees are students and nominally eligible to run for the positions that they have nominated for
• All candidates must have a compulsory phone meeting with the Returning Officer where they will be given the specifications of policy statements, election material, and election conduct
• After your nominal eligibility has been confirmed, you will receive an email from BigPulse with a link for you to you must submit a photograph and a short personal statement before the deadline specified by the Returning Officer
• The Returning Officer will review all personal statements received to make sure they are appropriate and will advise candidates if they need to amend the content of any statements

Voting Method:
• Voting will occur online, electronically and will be administered by BigPulse
• At 9am Tuesday March 26, all students will receive an email with their unique voting link
• Each student may only vote once in the election and must only use their unique voting link
• Students may vote online at any time between 9am Tuesday March 26 and 4pm Tuesday April 2
• The vote will be conducted under the optional preferential proportional representation voting system
• The provisional result will be announced at 5pm Tuesday April 2