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Neon Night Party

Following️ the️ late️st lice️nse️d ve️nue️ re️strictions put in place️ by State️ Gove️rnme️nt, we️ write️ to advise️ that we️ will be️ cance️lling️ the️ Ne️on Nig️ht Party. Nothing️ is more️ critical to USASA than the️ he️alth and safe️ty of our stude️nt community, furthe️r to this, we️ fe️e️l the️ most re️ce️nt re️strictions put in place️ compromise️s the️ e️ve️nt e️xpe️rie️nce️.

Ple️ase️ note️, that USASA will be️ re️funding️ all ticke️t sale️s. We️ apolog️ise️ for the️ inconve️nie️nce️ cause️d. Ple️ase️ che️ck the️ e️mail inbox which you use️d to buy the️ ticke️t for more️ information on re️funds.

USASA presents the Neon Night Party - it's sure to be the highlight of your year

Get your mates together, old and new, and light up two of Adelaide's best West End venues. Make the most of drink specials from 8 pm until late at: West Oak Hotel and Lion Arts Factory
Spend the night at one venue or mix it up and go to both, the choice is yours!

$15 General Ticket includes free entry to Neon Night Party Venues, Neon T-shirt + drink specials at venues. 
Secure your t-shirt to the Neon Night Party by Monday 31 August but get in quick as tickets are limited and may sell out before! 


Neon Night Party Shirt:

Secure your t-shirt to the Neon Night Party by August 31 but get in quick as tickets may sell out before!

Venues & Drink Specials

8 pm - Late
West Oak Hotel
-  208 Hindley Street, Adelaide, SA 5000
$4 Schooners | $6 Base Spirits

Lion Arts Factory -  68 North Tce, Adelaide, SA 5000
$6 Vodkas | 2 for $20 Vodka red bull | 2 for $8 Lion Shots

Stay up to date by clicking "attending" on the Facebook event: 

Things to know:

Purchase Tickets:

Purchase your Neon Night Party Tickets with the button below. Please read the Terms and Conditions prior to purchasing your tickets. 
Check out the t-shirt choices here.

Neon Night Party
Friday, September 18
8 pm - Late
West Oak Hotel | Lion Arts Factory


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