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Miscellaneous Award Nomination 2020

USASA Miscellaneous Awards 2020

Do you know a club or a Club Executive that deserves an award for something not covered by our other award categories?
Miscellaneous Awards exist to celebrate the smaller things in life, the quirks that make each club unique, and the gaps in our other award categories. Do you know a club that works their social media harder than a Kardashian? Or a club that is most likely to give our Clubs Support Officer a heart attack? Tell us about it and they might just get an award for it...


  • Bespoke trophy 


  • All clubs and club executives are eligible for a miscellaneous award

Selection Process

  • The Awards Selection Committee will consider each nomination and select awards based on the reasoning in the nomination
  • All nominated clubs will be advised of their nomination
  • Winners will be announced at the 2020 USASA Club Awards Night
Read tips on writing nominations here

i.e. committee member, club member, staff member etc.

Award title

What is award for?

Please be detailed and specific.