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Art on Campus Submission 2022

Please read the information and terms and conditions on the Art on Campus web page prior to submitting artwork.

  • Submission can be no larger than **50cm wide and 50cm high**
  • Submission is uploaded in PDF format
  • Submission must be **your** original work
  • Submission cannot contain offensive imagery, nudity or profanities
  • You must be a UniSA student enrolled in the 2022 academic year
  • You agree to your submission being displayed publicly on a UniSA campus for any period of time and for it to be used in USASA promotional materials, online or physical (you will always be credited).
  • You have read and agree to the terms and conditions listed on the Art on Campus page: read here.

The competition is only open to UniSA students enrolled in the 2021 year.

Phone number, mobile, personal email address.

As you would like displayed with your submission.

Provide maximum of **one link** as your would like published in exhibition material. Can be a website, social media art page, etsy store etc.

  • Submission Deadline: 9 am Monday 1 August 2022.
  • Upload your PDF 50cm x 50cm file below.
  • Please only use letters and numbers in your file name. Special characters (e.g. !@#$%^&*?><:") are not allowed.
  • Only one submission per student will be accepted. If you submit multiple times your most recent submission will be considered your final entry.
  • If the file of your high-resolution artwork will not successfully submit via this form, please supply a low-resolution version of your artwork (such as a screenshot).
  • You can upload your high-resolution entry via: wetransfer.com and email the submission to USASA.fyi@unisa.edu.au (see instructions below).
How to Upload using WeTransfer:
  • Go to www.wetransfer.com
  • On the far left side upload your file using the (+) plus symbol within the white widget.
  • Fill out the following sections:
    1. Email to: USASA.FYI@unisa.edu.au
    2. Your email: Please use your UniSA Email
    3. Message: "Hi, I am uploading files for the 2022 Art on Campus Project. My name is: ... My best contact is: ... "
    4. Send As: Email 
    5. Press the "Transfer" button