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Logo Design Competition

Folks, it's time to update our logo. If you're a current UniSA student and have some artistic flair, this competition is for you 🖌️✨.

We're big supporters of artists, so we want to make sure you're well rewarded for all your hard work - that's why we'll be offering:
💰 $350 in prize money to the winner as chosen by our executives.
💸 $150 for the ‘People’s Choice’ winner determined by the number of Facebook likes for the image posted in the event.

Entries open until 11:59PM on the 24th of December - so that you're free to enjoy the festive season 🎁🎄

❤️ This equilateral triangle motif:
💛 Includes pride colours or other rainbow palette
💚 Must not include the University of South Australia logo
💙 Does not contain offensive language or images
💜 The following file types in vector layers within a packaged zip file:
CMYK (high resolution - 300 dpi)
• CMYK .ai
• CMYK .eps (Illustrator 8)
• CMYK .pdf
• CMYK .psd (with transparency)
• CMYK .tiff (flat with clipping path)
Greyscale 1 colour (high resolution - 300 dpi)
• Greyscale .ai
• Greyscale .eps
• Greyscale .pdf
• Greyscale .psd (with transparency)
• Greyscale .tiff (flat with clipping path)
Solid 1 colour (high resolution - 300 dpi)
• Black .ai
• Black .eps
• Black .pdf
• Black .psd (with transparency)
• Black .tiff (flat with clipping path)
RGB (low resolution - 72 dpi)
• RGB .ai
• RGB .eps
• RGB .gif (250px wide with transparency)
• RGB .jpg (500px, 250px & 100px wide)
• RGB .pdf
• RGB .png (with transparency, 500px, 250px & 100px wide)
• RGB .psd (with transparency)
• RGB Greyscale .jpg (250px wide) (image is colourless but still in RGB format)
• RGB Solid black .jpg (250px wide)

Please include:
❤️ Colour swatches for main logo colours (and backgrounds if applicable)
💛 Positioning guides (minimum margin, minimum size etc.)
💚 Font Link if you are using the free fonts in a separate readme file Copyright document saying that you have transferred all the rights.
💙 Mock-up an editable .pdf file preview for stationary and branding: Provide Layered version (Fonts + Graphics): check the box for “Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities” when saving in Illustrator or similar programs.
💜 When submitting the final packaged files, please it in its entirety as:

🌈 Suitable as basis for 3D logo (to be designed later)
🌈 Easily recognisable
🌈 Engaging

(Please designate one variation to enter into the People’s Choice part of the competition).

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