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"Why" become a Toastmaster.

One of the best compliments ever expressed to me was just after an interview that lasted about 45 minutes. The rather large owner of the business gave me a walking interview through out his very successful business, he spoke with authority and grilled me about the knowledge I knew about his industry and business.
With precision and efficiency in his body language and conversation the interview ended right where we started 45 min before at the front door. He paused and there was an awkward moment of silence and then he said...

"I don't have a position here for you but the way you have explained your ideas and the way you spoke I'm going to make a position available."
I totally enjoyed that contract and almost 15 years later i consider that business owner a personal friend. What makes the difference in talking to somebody for them to be moved or inspired to action by another?

One of the main reasons I became a Toastmaster and a Public Speaker was my experience in working with a Womens Association at the heart of all relationships is communication and when communication breaks down relationships can become quite volitile. In alot of these situations victims need a voice and some one they can trust. For over ten years I have mediated through relationship breakdowns in tribunals and represented victims in Magistrates courts.

Being able to communicate and speak in public does give you a great deal of confidence but the real reward i gain is to up hold the sincerity and restore the dignity 
through communication. 

One of the most sincere people once said "I wish i had practised public speaking when I was younger because it pays huge dividends in your life if you practise it from an early age" that was from Warren Buffet. Why not try our Toastmasters Club here at UNISA and start collecting your own dividends .

Whether you're curious or feel inspired to build your confidence in the public arena the Toastmasters Club here at the UniSA has the right enviroment created by its members to develop your public speaking.

- Shane Grace, member.