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Our key events throughout the year, inlcude:

  • O-Week
  • ORAH camp
  • AGM


ROUSTAH - Rural Outlook for University Students Towards Allied Health.
NRHSN - National Rural Health Student Network.
ORAH camp - Outback Rural Allied Health camp.
RHC - Rural Health Club
RHSV - Rural High School Visit
USASA - University of South Australia Student Association


Do I need to be a member with the NRHSN to become an club member?

The answer to this is somewhat complicated. RHC membership through the NRHSN is only available to students who are "studying in a health-related area." Our Executive committee has access to the NRHSN online membership database to keep track of club membership. Club membership through USASA, as approved by a member of the Executive committee, is subject to the club's Rules of Governance. To get the most out of your membership you should register with ROUSTAH through the NRHSN and through USASA.

Who can vote during meetings?

Generally speaking all club members regardless of type (NRHSN/USASA) can vote.
If you are a RHC member through the NRHSN - you are eligible to vote (1 vote) during NRHSN Council meetings (30% of the vote). This is done online. Refer to the NRHSN Member Manual.
Decisions that can require Council to vote include:

  • the election of the NRHSN Executive Committee members,

  • position papers,

  • joining a representative health issue coalition.

If you are a member of ROUSTAH through USASA - you are eligible to vote (1 vote) during general meetings, this includes the Annual General Meeting. Proxy votes are not allowed. Refer to the Rules of Governance.
Decisions that can require the club to hold a vote include:
  • the election of the club's Executive committee.

When is the Annual General Meeting held?
The Annual General Meeting must be held between the 1st January and 30th of April every year, as per the club's Rules of Governance.

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