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Overseas Christian Fellowship SP2 Sessions

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City East Campus

Overseas Christian Fellowship SP2 Sessions

Overseas Christian Fellowship UniSA is a community of Christ-believing international students in UniSA, but we welcome everyone!

// About OCF //
More than just a social gathering on Friday nights, OCF (Overseas Christian Fellowship) is a Christ-centred place where people get REAL with LIFE and with one another. It is a ministry run by students for students.

Consisting mostly of international students, we strive to make everyone who walk through our doors feel like part of the FAMILY because we know how LONELY & DIFFICULT it gets when you are THIS FAR from home. More importantly, we do so because we want to share Jesus’s love with everyone – both Christians and non-Christians alike.

Be it during Bible studies or group discussions about life's BIGGEST questions, to going on road trips, picnics or worshipping God together in the sunset, OCF is a place where lives are enriched by people getting REAL with LIFE and with one another.

Come be part of our family.
Every Friday evenings
Time: 1830 - 2130 (630PM - 930PM)
Place: UniSA City East, C3-16 (unless otherwise stated)

Contact us at
email: unisaocf@gmail.com
phone: 0416916781(if you need an immediate reply)